The Octo-Cocktail

I ADORE octopus. All eight legs of it. And the head. Even removing the so-called beak during kitchen prep no longer freaks me out. When I spotted a whole octopus at our local fish stall recently, I had to have it. Home it came, where I cooked it into a red wine and tomato sauce with a comforting depth that’s welcome on a wintry night. That recipe will come later. First, I have to show you what I call the Octo-Cocktail – a glass of guava-coloured juice made from tenderising the eight-legged beast over heat with just half a cup of water. The resulting juice, for use later in the casserole, was such a gorgeous colour that I felt compelled to play with my food. I poured it into an apéritif glass and garnished it with a soupçon of leg. Just a bit of fun, and NOT for consumption, but pretty as a Cosmopolitan, don’t you think?


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