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Epicurienne, travel lover and amateur foodie, was born in New Zealand, where the green-lipped mussels and Tip Top ice cream spoiled her tastes forever. At university she studied European languages before crossing the Tasman to become a Sydney-sider for a while.

After a year in Oz, replete with bush fires and dramatic sunsets, hotel shift work and the delight of meeting Kenny Everett and Cleo Laine during Mardi Gras, Epic set off for the UK to study the fine and decorative arts (i.e. old paintings and breakables) but not before returning to New Zealand for a few weeks to fatten up on dairy products.

Following a stint at an auction house school and a spell in Venice which bewitched her forever, Epicurienne settled in London to undertake Real Work whilst harbouring a desire to one day write about her love of travel, different cultures and food, glorious food.

Epicurienne lives in London with her resident Frenchman, Monsieur, and their two very active kids. They are constantly planning their next travel fix, which now involves the ability to transport two incredibly busy small people and a heck of a lot of their kit.

12 Comments Add yours

  1. I’m up for adoption. Adopt me. Je ne prends presque pas de place. Toute petite.


  2. pastacarbonara says:

    che bella vita! e poi che super viaggiatrice… complimenti! e viva Terzani, sempre 🙂


  3. epicurienne says:

    Grazie mille, Pastacarbonara! Molto gentile…

    Terzani, sempre.


  4. bonnieluria says:

    What is a size zero anyway? They are non-existent people. They are invisible in the census, can’t vote, never get noticed at a dinner table, and the second helpings that they refuse, leave more for the rest of us.


  5. epicurienne says:

    Bonnie, I agree. Size zero is pure fiction unless you want to starve to death. Too many beautiful foods in this world to warrant us doing that.


  6. S. Le says:

    Green with jealousy. Yup, I am…


  7. epicurienne says:

    Well, S.Le, you needn’t be. Just like everyone, I have plenty of baggage. I just prefer to concentrate on the positive stuff, so that’s what I write about. With the occasional rant, of course!


  8. Caroline Dampier says:

    Hello Epicurienne! I absolutely love the site! I’ve been meaning to visit for a while and I wish I had sooner.. We met in a pub in Notting Hill almost precisely a year ago, I think the pub’s ‘The Uxbridge’ – you know, nice pub. I was with my extremely tall ex boyfriend with whom I was making a film about Mexico?? I hope this is ringing some bells! I was going to send you an email but it wants me to go through Outlook for some reason which I don’t have set-up – so you’ve got a comment instead – and the comment is: wow, love it! want one – bet it’s a lot of work though non?? Anyway – all the best! Caroline


    1. epicurienne says:

      Hi Caroline – thanks for saying hello! Yes, it’s been ages. I remember it was threatening rain that evening and muggy as hell. How did your film end up? Anyway, sorry for the slow reply to your comment but I was busy getting married. Now that’s done, I’m back and all’s good and blogging will hopefully return to normal. In reply to your question, blogging the way I do it tends to be a lot of work because I love writing so end up writing loads each time, but it doesn’t have to be that time-consuming. I know other bloggers who put up photos each day with just a simple or funny caption, or write 10 lines ranting about the queue at the post office but then 100 another time talking about a wonderful meal they’ve just had. So it really does vary. If you want to e-mail again, the address is epicuriennemail(at)yahoo(dot)com


  9. wokstar says:

    Hi Epicurienne, love your site esp. on those cute cars. My sis lives in NZ, another in UK and I lived there for 17 yrs. and now in Florida, USA. Coming for a visit next month and see you belong to London Bloggers group. I’d love to visit some good cheap Asian eats so I can blog about them. Any tips?


    1. epicurienne says:

      Hi Eleanor – great to hear that the Wok Star herself is coming to visit London Town. Yes, there are LOADS of options for Asian food here and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. One of the current faves is Banh Mi in Berwick Street Market near Oxford Street. Vietnamese is definitely popular here – so try Viet Grill if you’re going to be in the City (a short bus ride from Liverpool St Station and so worth it for the lemongrass mackerel alone!). Also try City Caphe, a small Vietnamese eatery with tonnes of charm near Bank tube. Pho is a chain specialising in (drum roll) pho noodle soups, but they also do wonderful salads and have Vietnamese beer on the menu. Chinatown is where to go for authentic dim sum, but avoid Wong Kei unless you feel like being shouted at by the waiters. They’ve built their reputation on being the rudest restaurant in London and that sort of thing doesn’t float my boat. Dinings is fantastic for Japanese if you’re in the Paddington/ Edgware Road area, but it isn’t exactly cheap. There’s a great Korean/Japanese place called Yoshi Sushi in Hammersmith. They have their own sashimi chef and do top quality Bento boxes for lunch. Koya in Soho specialises in udon noodles. Very popular but you will probably have to queue. Also in Soho, LiKo (Little Korea) is excellent for Korean food. The decor is less than basic, but I’ve never had a bad meal there. If you feel like exploring Little Venice, you could try stopping off at a wonderful little Japanese place called Maguro Sushi, just off Clifton Gardens. Their miniscule kitchen produces wonders and the extensive menu allows you to choose whether to go budget, high end or somewhere in the middle. I could go on and on here. How about just getting in touch when you hit town and we could try to grab a bite together to discuss ad nauseum!


  10. Angela says:

    Hi Epicurienne! I just read your article about Peter Pan Gelateria in Nuoro, Sardinia. I live In Cagliari, But my father was born and raised in Nuoro. I know that gelateria, it’s gorgeous! I just wanted to thank you for your portrait of Nuoro in the summer, it was more than accurate, and so fun to read! Thank you again, I hope you and Monsieur will be back in Sardinia to taste some other amazing foods!


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