Chez moi

Some girls dream of wardrobes bursting with pairs of perfect Manolos or Jimmy Choos. They salivate over the latest Louis Vuitton and faint when Hermès calls to say they’ve reached the top of the Birkin waiting list. Some girls even go to the emergency room with a single broken fingernail and get religious over the latest carb-free diet. I’m not one of those girls.

As you’ll see from the blog, the Epicurienne way is to buy knickers at Primark and save that spare cash for a ticket to somewhere on the travel bucket list. Next to wandering the world I love food, a lot, and frequently embarrass my husband, Monsieur, by taking notes from menus when we eat out. Meanwhile, my idea of a fashion statement is the beautiful Syrian scarf that my brother gave me that almost made me cry when it ran in the wash. A broken fingernail will not ruin my day and I don’t do fads. Fact.

I started blogging to record some wonderful experiences I was having with food and travel and share them with like-minded people. The new people I’ve met through Epicurienne have been the unexpected bonus of writing online. Not only do I enjoy the two-way interest that blogging generates, I get a big buzz out of working out how to use a new tech feature and have met some fascinating people around the globe. Epicurienne has also led to my job as a freelance writer – which I LOVE.

So, for the Epicurious, that’s a bit more about Moi. If we haven’t ‘met’ over the ether yet, why not drop me a line or a comment and tell me all about VOUS?

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  1. I started blogging because I was bored and thought it’d be short fun. Now I’m nearing 1 year of posting.

    Oh, and when you commented on the Chapel of Mr. T you officially made the 2,000th comment. Your prize….


    A fun looking pattern of dots!


  2. epicurienne says:

    Thank you Mr Penguin. Forget Sudoku, I’ll be playing with my dots for weeks now, trying to work out their binary meaning (or otherwise!).
    In the meantime, enjoy your week, FOOL!!! 🙂


  3. Bunk Strutts says:

    Nevermind that Penguin behind the curtain.


  4. epicurienne says:

    Actually, I think the pattern of dots is worse than senior sudoku! Go AWESOME!


  5. Hello Epicurienne

    I have really enjoyed your website and have a similar passion with similar situations for my partner when I start photographing food and typing into my PDA, I am originally from Australia now living in Austria and collecting photos of food and places I have visited, I have also conducted tours through Europe for the last 20 years with a major European Tour Operator so maybe we could put something together, an all inclusive tour of Europe for people who love food.

    I am also on Flickr listed as Travelgroupie

    All the best and keep doing what you love


    1. epicurienne says:

      Hi Travelgroupie, a foodie’s tour of Europe? I have quite a list of people who would be interested in this concept. Would be happy to look into it further with you. Let’s e-mail.


  6. Sorry for the delayed reply I am on a tour at the moment for 24 days I will be back in Innsbruck on the 24th of may so will be back in touch soon after

    All the best


  7. 12dogsblog says:

    Hello from the US.

    Fiance a Frenchman?

    oo la la



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