Press and PR

Like many bloggers I know I’m contacted many times each week with requests to review products or books, recipe test, consult or attend events. Almost every approach is a good match to my blog and its main focus on food, travel and lifestyle, and I’d like to say I have the time for everyone. Unfortunately, in a world where days consist of a mere 24 hours, this isn’t the case. So, if you want to work with me, this is what I propose:

Wow me

Convince me that your product is worthy of my attention. I don’t mind how you do this, as long as it’s legal, but some original thought usually helps.

If I don’t like your product…

I won’t post a review on it. My ethos is to promote products that I believe in and which work. If your product is a dud, I will tell you how and why and we can stop the process. I can also be commissioned to write a report on how to improve an item if it has redeeming qualities. The reasoning behind this is that I don’t like being negative. I don’t like reading bad reviews and I’ve never enjoyed ripping the heart out of something that people somewhere have poured their souls into. That’s why I won’t post reviews on bad products, because even bad products have mums somewhere who think they’re beautiful.


It’s amazing how frequently invitations arrive at the eleventh hour. It’s not very considerate, especially as I’ll be sorely disappointed not to be able to get a sitter for a great event in 36 hours time! In essence, the more time you give me, the more likely it is that I’ll be able to make it. Please try to give me a week’s notice of your event if at all possible.


I appreciate healthy reciprocity in communication, especially when a deadline is looming. I’ll try not to bother you unless I need additional information or press shots etc, but please do leave an Out of Office on if you’re going to be away or uncontactable for a time. That way, I’ll know whom to contact if my request is urgent.

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