Apricot Mule – for Razz

When I wrote about the St Patrick’s Day cocktail-fest for London Bloggers at Diageo, Australia-based Razzbuffnik liked the sound of the Bushmills apricot mule, so I asked Haran at Splendid Communications to send me the recipe. Here you go, Razz! A little taste of summer for you as the leaves start to turn in the land Downunder…

Bushmills Apricot Mule (Classic adapted by Duncan McRae)

This twist on a classic Moscow mule uses Bushmills Black Bush® as its base, and combines the subtle flavours of apricot and the spicy ginger to play upon some of the more exciting sherry cask induced notes found in Bushmills® Black Bush.

50ml Bushmills Black Bush

12.5ml Apricot Liquor

12.5ml Sugar Syrup

25ml Freshly squeezed Lime juice

Dash Orange Bitters

Topped up with Ginger Beer.

Served in a highball glass over ice.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. razzbuffnik says:

    Thanks for that. I’m looking forward to trying it.


  2. planetross says:

    If a drink involves mixing more than 2 things, I leave it to the trained professionals behind the bar.
    I even stay away from Corona beer because it involves a lime and a worm … or something like that.


  3. epicurienne says:

    Razz – you’re welcome. Just let me know how it turns out.

    PR – if I ever came across a Corona with lime AND a worm in it, I’ll be thinking of you… I think you just may have conceived a new drink there. (smiley face)


  4. Rax Lakhani says:


    Sounds niiiiice! I’ve never had apricot liquor before…


  5. epicurienne says:

    Rax, when are we going to get together next? Are you coming to the next LBM on 28th? Perfect opportunity to discuss matrimonial topics and apricot mules.


  6. Rax Lakhani says:

    I’ll see you on Tuesday! Can’t wait…


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