Krispy Kreme Kraze-y


The Epicurienne weight-loss regime was going quite well until the day a certain someone at Edelman PR (you know who you are) gave me a voucher for a mixed dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts. In a flash I found myself at a Krispy Kreme outlet, handing over the voucher on exiting a sugar-free daze and entering a sugar-filled phase of doughnut testing. However, the fear of regaining those few lost wobbly bits meant that instead of scoffing the full dozen all by my lonesome in a dark corner somewhere, I had a moment of unusually lucid wisdom, choosing instead to enlist the tastebuds of colleagues and friends to share the calories and help rate the round puffs of mix-n-match naughtiness.

In doing so, I was about to gain far more in dough-naughty knowledge than I would ever lose by donating my doughnuts. One American colleague told me that where she comes from (New Orleans) there is a Krispy Kreme variety called The Sour Cream Cake Doughnut. We don’t get the Sour Cream Cake in the UK apparently; she’s sought it out and failed to find it. “It’s my all-time favourite, made with sour cream!” The American enthused in a fit of pre-doughnut munching nostalgia. I can’t quite imagine how a doughnut would taste when sour cream is a key ingredient, but as it’s possible to make to-die-for chocolate cake with the surprise component of mashed potato, I’m willing to jump on a jet to the States and try one of these special Sour Cream Cakes. Any. Time.

“What about the ‘Hot Now’? Did you get a ‘Hot Now’?”

“A Hot What?” I replied, now thoroughly convinced of my novice status in the world of all things doughnut.

“A ‘Hot Now’. Gosh, I can’t believe you got all these free Krispy Kremes but  you don’t know what a ‘Hot Now’ is!” Knowledgeable friend grabbed a doughnut and left to savour it.

A bit of googling later and it appears that a ‘Hot Now’ is a free doughnut that you just may be lucky enough to receive if you’re in a Krispy Kreme ‘Hot Now’ store, where they make their own doughnuts on-site and dough-nate the freshest to those at the front of the queue when the sign flashes, indicating that the latest batch is ready for sale and consumption. (If you live in London, a Hot Now concession is located in Harrods and a stand-alone Hot Now store with live doughnut theatre in Enfield and I have a sugary feeling that there may be more on their way.) Sounds good to me. I just may find myself regaining those lost pounds faster than I thought.

So what did we doughnut-tasters extraordinaire think of our dozen?

  • Original glazed doughnut. Nice, simple, not too sugary.
  • Chocolate iced doughnut with custard flavour filling. Custard AND chocolate? One of these babies is definitely enough. Share with a friend if you’re watching your waistline.
  • Chocolate iced doughnut with kreme flavoured filling. A little less sweet than the previous example. You can probably do this one on your own. One of my favourites
  • Chocolate iced glazed doughnut. The dough is very chocolatey and the glaze makes it look like something from Miss Haversham’s dining table but it certainly does give an extra-sugary bite.
  • Chocolate iced doughnut with sprinkles. This one is perfect for children’s birthday parties.
  • Maple-flavour iced doughnut. Not bad. Not bad at all.
  • Glazed doughnut with raspberry filling. An absolute classic and my overall favourite. Just make sure you have enough paper napkins when trying this one, in case of the unexpected OOZE factor.
  • Powdered doughnut with strawberry filling. The strawberry is just so strawberry! Ideal for Wimbledon.
  • Powdered doughnut with blueberry filling. Not our favourite, although pleasant enough. The strawberry was far more yumptious.
  • Powdered doughnut with apple and cinnamon filling. This would be lovely with a cup of apple and cinnamon tea. Winter warming.
  • Glazed chocolate cake doughnut. This is choco-central for the chocaholic. Better than…shopping.
  • Glazed cruller. What’s a cruller? My, we’re learning a lot now. A cruller is a twisted doughnut shape that looks vaguely like a lethally-spiked Frisbee weapon from a sci-fi film, although far less able to injure. Simple cake, simple glaze and tasty.

The bad news? Calories. For the original glazed Krispy Kreme doughnut we’re looking at 217kcal. For the choc iced with crème flavour filling it’s a mighty 339kcal that you’ll be ingesting. However, for a birthday treat or a post-London Marathon binge session, it’s a lot of fun to get a dozen of these wicked treats and share. I think Krispy Kreme already has my office covered because we certainly see a fair number of them appearing in the staff kitchen on birthdays. If you’re not hungry after reading this post-Freudian analysis of doughnut-dom,  I suggest you take a look at the Krispy Kreme website. It’s filled with tempting fun and facts you may never before have known about doughnuts. There are even anecdotes and fan photos, like the one of a guy who accessorised his snowman with Krispy Kreme hat and carry bag. (This one missed his calling; he should be styling for Vogue…)

On a more serious note, Krispy Kreme helps support charities by selling its doughnuts at a charity price so they can be sold on at recommended retail for a charitable profit. Charities to have benefited from this method of sugary fundraising include Christopher’s Smile and Children Helping Children.

Nutritionally, it’s interesting to note that Krispy Kreme doughnuts are Halal, Kosher and Vegetarian-friendly. Historically, they have survived wars and depressions plural, having been founded in North Carolina in 1937. Statistically, it’s estimated that Krispy Kreme is responsible for the manufacture of around 2.7 billion doughnuts per year. Yikes.

I think we can officially conclude that I am now THE Epicurienne Doughnut Expert Extraordinaire.

Useful links:

Krispy Kreme UK

Krispy Kreme International

Edelman PR UK

A bonafide Krispy Kreme addict writes…

22 Comments Add yours

  1. CGabriel says:

    This was a great post! You’ve now “ruined” my day since I am hungering for an Original Glazed.

    And as a longtime KK-lover, I can relate to your review on all levels. My favorite: Naturally, a….Hot One. Though “Hot Now” is on the sign, KK-connoisseurs will gently slap your wrist with a knowing smile and say, in a North Carolina accent (where KK started), “darlin’, you mean Hot One…dontcha?” 🙂

    After enjoying your treatise, I think you would really enjoy my post The Krispy Kreme Dilemma. It’s a prose Hot One that will satisfy your appetite. 🙂


    1. epicurienne says:

      Hey Christos, you really do have a doughnut disorder, don’t you? After Original Glazed, what comes next on your list of favourites? Great post, BTW. I found it when I was researching this post on google.


  2. Laetitia says:

    Yeah…. I kind of went crazy on Krispy Kreme doughnuts last night… I’m a bad girl…


    1. epicurienne says:

      Hi Laetitia, come on. You can’t leave a comment like that and NOT tell us WHICH variety/ies you chowed down on the other night. Time to spill the beans!


  3. planetross says:

    I’ve never had a Krispy Kreme … yet. But I love doughnuts: Tim Hortons and Mr. Donut have been ongoing sources of enjoyment over the past few decades.
    Is there a typo in the “1937” date … or has there been an extra World War that I missed? … or maybe North Carolina had one on their own?


    1. epicurienne says:

      Woops, no you’re right PR. I’m imagining things. Thanks for pointing that out. I’d meant to edit it but must have forgotten. Let’s just hope Epic Brother doesn’t see before I can edit it because he’d SERIOUSLY scold me for getting such a basic fact wrong.


  4. Kavey says:

    I first became a fan of Krispy Kreme donuts in the States several years ago. I recall being rather pathetically excited when they opened in the UK!
    The outlet in the Watford Tesco often gives out Hot Nows. As far as I am aware, this only applies when Original Glazed are coming hot off the line, not the rest of the range.
    That works for me since Original Glazed remains my favourite.
    Much as I love Krispy Kremes I can seldom eat more than one in a sitting and I tend to leave the many filled varieties to my husband who is far more keen.
    Enjoyed your post!


    1. epicurienne says:

      Hi Kavey! Like your new site. It’s great to see all your writing and comments etc collected in one place. Thanks for telling us more about the Hot Nows. I haven’t been to a store that does Hot Nows yet but will have to give it a whirl sometime.


  5. Jason says:

    Wow, this is an amazing post Epicurienne – thanks! I don’t normally leave comments but I thought I’d do so here real fast – I work for Edelman (I’m the Jason Mical tagged above, heh) and Krispy Kreme is doing a promotion all week next week – keep an eye on and when the hotlight goes on, download a voucher and take it to a participating Krispy Kreme and get something special! We’ve got our girl on the inside, Katie, Twittering it all as well – follow her @KrispyKreme_KT.

    OK, PR bit over. 🙂


    1. epicurienne says:

      Jason – thanks for the comment and KK update. Will be watching with interest to see what KK comes up with next!


  6. Tammy says:

    Hi, just wanted to say I enjoy your blog. Glad to see that the UK has a Krispy Kreme. I’m from where Krispy Kreme first started so I’m a fan, of course…in moderation. 😉 There is a new KK store that just opened closer to me. YIKES!

    I see that planetross is pushing Tim Hortons again. LOL


    1. epicurienne says:

      Hi Tammy, thanks for visiting. Now that you have the new store open near you, you’ll have to make sure you run the other way! At least you have your gym sessions to work off any temptation that just might find its way into your hand. I like your weightlifting summary converted into elephants.


  7. It’s nice that they help charities. I think they should create a new one “Christopher’s Smile Part Deux” where Krispy Creme helps Christopher with his dentist’s bills after the dude eat their donuts.

    Honestly, I am a sugar mama (not in the sense of having a lot of money and a young studmuffin to suck it all up), and I cannot eat a single bite of their donuts. They are like glazed sugar.

    Ok, now that my deed is done, I’m going to go find you on Facebook…


    1. epicurienne says:

      Sugar Mama, like the idea about KK dental charity. I’m not a huge sweet tooth myself so I always share. Often a taste is all that’s required. Hey, we are now FB friends… Hooray! Like your FB photo. Yummy.


  8. CGabriel says:

    You asked what was next on my list of favorites, after Original Glazed. I’d have to say…eating another Original Glazed.

    And after that…Maple Iced Glazed. Not bad, indeed! 🙂


  9. razzbuffnik says:

    I see KK as just more of the same old, same old, fatty sugary junk food and for that reason I won’t go near them.

    I think that all such food should be heavily taxed (to help pay for the treament of heart disease and diabetes that they contribute to) and covered with health warnings like cigarettes.

    Don’t forget that by eating such junk one is eating less of the good things.

    I’m only saying this because I care.


  10. Tony says:

    OMGosh I wish I had some right now!!!!


  11. w1kkp says:

    The sugar moralistsvwill be happy to hear that Krispy Kreme is closing some of their stores here in the Boston area. Of course, FIVE GUYS, a chain of hamburgers and fries, is taking their place.

    I’ve never had a krispy creme but if the stores were closer to me, I would have–you can be sure of that.

    Wine and liquor metabolizes as sugar in our body, right?

    So, I think we all pick our fatty sugary poisons in our own way, don’t you think?

    Choosing them moderately is the tougher choice. If Krispy was around my corner, I’d just have one more banned substance winking at me as I drive by.


  12. epicurienne says:

    Razz – somehow I just knew that you’d bring us back down to earth with some sound nutritional advice. If we ever see a doughnut wrapped in a warning we’ll know it has something to do with you!

    Tony – given your love of all things McDonalds, I now look forward to reading of your love of all things doughnut.

    Pat – sugar moralists? Hmmm. I wonder who you’re talking about there (dreaded smiley face)?
    I admit that I’m actually more of a healthy eater than this post shows but once in a while a bit of sugar doesn’t hurt… She says, optimistically.


  13. Bonnie Luria says:

    Epic- if you haven’t already been recruited by the PR people at KK donuts ( whew, fortunately they spell corporation with a ” K ” or they’d be KKK! ) to promote their products with earnest detail, you still might be.

    Quite the ode to the sometime odious.

    If I eat one, I will want one hundred but reading your post was just ( almost ) as fulfilling and filling.


    1. epicurienne says:

      Hi Bonnie, that’s what’s so great about reading about food: it’s a calorie-free zone. Can’t imagine eating 100 doughnuts; I barely made it through a single one. In fact, I’m more of a cheese tooth than a sweet tooth, which is why I recruited so many helpers! I know what you mean about KKK. Every time I typed KK they crossed my mind. Kept thinking I’d make the worst possible typo.


  14. Bonnie Luria says:

    oops- meant to read : They DON’T spell corp with a K.


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