Little Gordon

Here in the UK we’ve been somewhat immunised against swearing celebrity chefs, ever since Gordon Ramsay hit our TV screens with shows like The F Word. He’s everywhere: on terrestrial TV, on Sky, on our bookshelves, taking over our pubs (see my Warrington Pub poem here), building a transatlantic restaurant empire and teaching his kids how best to raise turkeys in their back garden. I don’t think the man gets much sleep.

Just when I thought I’d seen it all, I came across a viral marketing company’s website – Rebel Virals. They did The Facebook Anthem, which circulated last year (you can find it on their site). But more relevant to this post is their Little Gordon series. Whether or not you’re a Ramsay fan, you’re going to LOVE these clips. Very funny.

Here’s Little Gordon assessing an ailing restaurant.

For the other 2 videos in the series, visit Rebel Virals (link above).

***Warning: if profane children affect your heart rate, it’s probably best to avoid these clips.

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  1. I need subtitles in Texan English.


  2. Make that fucking subtitles.


  3. epicurienne says:

    Having fits of f***ing giggles at this end.
    In case you’re being serious, it’s a spoof on Big Gordon Ramsay, who swears A LOT. Big GR does a show where he goes into struggling restaurants, analyses what their problem is and kickes their ass into shape. Little GR is essentially doing just that. He looks just like the Big version, too and swears like a trooper. Funny.


  4. bonnieluria says:

    Oh, my funny bone. Maybe I didn’t serve it fast enough for Little Gordon.
    This was just too funny.
    You think this little guy knows when to turn on the acting and when to be a little guy?

    He even had his mannerisms and hand gestures…..

    The ” F ” word seems to not raise an eyebrow anymore.


  5. razzbuffnik says:

    The whole thing reminds me of when I was at a restaurant in Houston Texas.

    After waiting for over an hour in an empty restaurant I complained (in a very calm and polite manner, by the way) to the manger and her response was to call the police. We herd sirens within about 30 seconds of the phone call and since two of us had just spent the night in jail for being in a truck only one headlight working, we legged it out of there quick smart.

    Ramsey was interviewed here in Oz by Andrew Denton and he seemed to be high on coke and motor-mouthed way too much about his shagging history. I was disappointed as I quite like the guy and his recipes.


  6. Razz you hippie! Of course they called the cops! Your hair was long. Your liberal types are not welcome in our town. You were lucky not to have ended up in tar and feathers!

    Perhaps you need Aussie fucking subtitles.

    Bonnie, nowadays, with Botox, no one is ABLE to raise an eyebrow anymore.


  7. epicurienne says:

    Bonnie – I know what you mean about the lack of currency of that particular swear word these days! I just wonder, like you, whether this kid went home and proceeded to swear in the company of his parents! Poor them…
    Raz – what? the police were called on you for complaining about lack of service? I’d say that waitress was married to a cop or something. Don’t blame you for making a hasty exit. As for the Gordon interview – when was that? He seems like such a family man these days. Perhaps it was before he had a brood of Mini Ramsays and a backyard filled with turkeys.


  8. Sorry epic, I let my impetuous self chimed in when not appropriate.

    To redeem myself, here is our US scandalous video with little child swearing, a video made by Will Ferrell with his two year old daughter:


  9. epicurienne says:

    Nat, please continue to be impetuous so we can look forward to your self-redemption!


  10. epicurienne says:



  11. razzbuffnik says:


    As far as I can figure, Nat’s right, that part of the world doesn’t like people like me.

    That Ramsey interview I was talking about was only a couple of weeks ago.


  12. epicurienne says:

    Well tough, Razz. The blogosphere wouldn’t be the same without you, so don’t let a few Texans wind you up. Besides, Nat’s not entirely Texan herself.

    Interesting re the interview. Someone must have fallen off a good ol’ Aussie wagon somewhere near a TV studio. I hope I can find the interview on You Tube.


  13. razzbuffnik says:

    I couldn’t find any video clips but here’s a transcript of some of the sections of the interview I was talking about.

    ANDREW DENTON: And you basically started having an affair with the pub’s pub owner’s wife right.

    GORDON RAMSAY: Hold on a minute.


    ANDREW DENTON: You’ve written about it.

    GORDON RAMSAY: Yeah I did.


    GORDON RAMSAY: But let’s put this into text okay.

    ANDREW DENTON: Yeah, sure.

    GORDON RAMSAY: I was 18 years of age.


    GORDON RAMSAY: My boss’s wife was 30.


    GORDON RAMSAY: She was hot.


    GORDON RAMSAY: And I had to think about an early promotion.


    ANDREW DENTON: But ah.



    GORDON RAMSAY: I lived in the Wickham Arms. Jackie phoned down and asked me to cook some sort of supper and I ran upstairs because I was rushing around trying to get this, it was like a sort of braised venison in the oven, ran upstairs with my chef jacket on and couldn’t find her anywhere. Walked into the lounge, she wasn’t there, shouted through and I heard her you know shouting in the bathroom. So I went through to the bathroom with a tray and there she way stark bollock naked.


    GORDON RAMSAY: So I mean ah.


    GORDON RAMSAY: What do you do?


    ANDREW DENTON: Well obviously service.


    ANDREW DENTON: But I was fascinated with what you wrote about that which was in truth you were more interested in making the jugged hare, than in making love to the boss’s wife?


    ANDREW DENTON: So I’m fascinated that food was totally was totally your passion.



    GORDON RAMSAY: You get me into so much trouble you know that. I mean, it was really hard for me because they gave me a big break and then it got to a situation where I was sort of you know gaining a reputation which was really strange at sort of you know 18-19, the place was becoming busy, I was dying to get to London, and I was still sort of trying to escape yet I’d sort of fallen in love with my sort of boss’s wife, and she was teaching me everything I needed to know about sex.


    GORDON RAMSAY: So it was very hard to leave that situation because it was just the most amazing time. I mean wouldn’t any 18 year old guy you know I mean she was beautiful.

    He also mentions a French ex-girlfriend and her lack of waxing…. if you catch my drift,

    GORDON RAMSAY: It looks like my ex-girlfriend’s pair of knickers.


    GORDON RAMSAY: She was French.

    ANDREW DENTON: Yeah no . . .



    ANDREW DENTON: Well that that excuses all.

    GORDON RAMSAY: Christ there’s some hairs on there as well. What is that?

    Poor old Gorden actually seemed nervous and it looked like he was falling all over himself to come across as “one of the lads”. I think he totally misread the Australian audience. Here’s another sample,

    GORDON RAMSAY: Yesterday. I had my first Australian tonguey.


    GORDON RAMSAY: From an 89 year old lady with a beard.


    GORDON RAMSAY: No teeth and a bit of stubble.



    GORDON RAMSAY: And she can I give you a tonguey, I didn’t know what that was, I went to give her a kiss.


    GORDON RAMSAY: She grabbed my sort of head and stuck my sort of lips on her lips and then she slipped her tongue in.



    ANDREW DENTON: It’s actually fresh Australian produce, don’t knock it.


    GORDON RAMSAY: Jesus, and I turned around and Matt Moran, I said mate she’s got to go back in the water.


  14. epicurienne says:

    Wow, Razz, that’s what I call an Epic comment!
    I see what you mean. Somewhat tasteless conversation. Poor old Oz has this surfie/ rugged outback/ Croc Dundee sort of reputation and people like Gords seem to forget the culture and sensibilities. For instance, I bet Bill Grainger wouldn’t talk about that sort of thing on TV. He’d probably entertain the audience with stories of kitchen disasters while he teaches his kids to cook. Chalk and cheese.


  15. w1kkp says:

    Tasteless conversation can be entertaining, however. Here’s Gordon and Ricky Gervais:

    I love youtube.


  16. razzbuffnik says:

    That was hilarious!


  17. epicurienne says:

    Too funny. Pat – thanks for the giggle!


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