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It’s been a busy week on the London Bloggers‘ front. We had another Meetup (more about that later) and I’ve entered another competition. For this one I’ve had to explain why I think I deserve a free ticket to Blog08 in Amsterdam. Here’s the entry:

BTW the music was supposed to be These Boots Were Made for Walking by Nancy Sinatra, but that track just wouldn’t behave, so I used Catwalk instead… but that was a bit short so now it’s Tiptoe Through the Tulips! Gosh, this is fun.

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  1. jimsmuse says:

    When it comes to making silly videos, I am but your humble student. This is hilarious, and good luck in the competition!


  2. epicurienne says:

    Thanks Jimsmuse. I had a lot of fun doing it! In fact, I think I might just have to blog more like this in future!
    Your ever-friendly Clog Blogger.
    PS Even if I don’t win the competition, I’m now determined to get a pair of bright red clogs to blog in!


  3. WWof W says:

    And the flame clogs are perfect for Well-Spoken Friend! This is superb – well done m’colleague and good luck.


  4. bonnieluria says:

    You not only deserve to win, you should be given 5 star accommodations and set the bar for the other entries.
    This was a total romp, so funny.


  5. epicurienne says:

    WWofW – Burn burn burn the clogs of fire…the clogs of fiiiiiiire! Yes, well, we’ll have to tell WSF about this on Thurs. In the meantime, I’ll call you later.
    Bonnie – thank you! I had so much fun doing this. I learnt how to do Powerpoint animation, convert a ppt file to wmv and upload to You Tube AND flip between audio tracks. I’d never done any of that before. That’s why these competitions are great – they push us to try new things!


  6. I wonder if they will make you comply with your promise when you win. From flip freaking flops to clogs? Flip flogs? Ohh girl, you will suffer!
    This was a great director’s debut. I hope we get to see more of the fulfillment of your artistic vision.


  7. epicurienne says:

    Hey Nat, funny thing is, if I won I would definitely wear clogs. I think it’d be a memorable experience and would break the ice with the other bloggers. Thanks for the encouragement. You may live to regret it!


  8. Bunk Strutts says:

    “I’m cloggin’ to New Orleans…” –Fats Domino

    “I go out clogging, after midnight, out in the moonlight, just like we used to do…” –Patsy Cline

    “If you see me cloggin’ down the street, and I start to cry, each time that we meet, clog on by…” –Dionne Warwick

    “She said, hey, babe, take a clog on the Wild Side. (And the cloggin’ girls go: clomp, de-clomp, de-clomp…)” –Lou Reed


  9. epicurienne says:

    Thanks, Bunk. At this rate, I could change the song every day! My problem is I’m still not very good at uploading to You Tube and the tracks I choose always work before uploading but go fuzzy after, by which time it’s a case of use the limited stock of You Tube tunes or start again! Yawn.


  10. epicurienne says:

    Hey Tony, thank you hugely! Now I have to find me some clogs.
    Where have you been recently? Haven’t seen you at the meetups? E-mail me if you prefer.


  11. amethyst says:

    Fabulous stuff – t’es une merveille! Happy (red) clogging! (I used to have a wonderful pair of coral suede clogs by Noa Noa…) Must chat at the next meet-up…


  12. jimsmuse says:

    You’re the bomb — congrats on the win!

    I’m going to be awfully disappointed if you don’t make another great movie documenting your Clog Bloggin’ adventures!


  13. epicurienne says:

    Hi Amethyst, thanks for the comment. I love the sound of your coral clogs… This clog thing could be dangerous.

    Jimsmuse, I promise there will be lots of clogblogging to come. LOTS of clogblogging! Sometimes I wonder where my crazy ideas come from. Perhaps it’s genetic.


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