Recently, the London Bloggers Meetup Group got together at the London Headquarters of drinks magnate, Diageo, for an evening of Blogology. The evening was the brainchild of Rax Lakhani and team at Splendid Communications and, as far as sponsors go, they really outdid themselves!

We were greeted with Moscow Mule cocktails, made with Smirnoff red vodka and ginger ale, before joining the queue to watch our own cocktails being made, the recipes of which had been cleverly designed to match our blogs. Yes, the Splendid team had sat down, trawled through each and every blog belonging to the bloggers on the guest list, to create bespoke cocktails, one per person, to reflect what we blog about. Clever, or what? It was most impressive, especially considering how much time all that cocktail recipe writing must have taken.

We even had a pair of dedicated mixologists, who quickly got to work and didn’t pause for breath as they shook their stuff behind the bar. Ridiculous laughed about his Ridiculous cocktail, which seemed to have a bit of everything in it, while Mex, blogging about the London Underground, sipped on a cocktail made by matching potential ingredients to tube line colours. Inspired.

Here’s a clip of how to make a few different types of Moscow Mule:

And here are our clever mixologists who worked hard all night shaking our drinks…

a lot of concentration went on behind that bar to ensure our cocktails were mixed to perfection and not a drop wasted…

yep, he got every last bit of fruit out of that shaker… Or so he thinks.

“Is that a fly in there?”

“No, love, it’s just a bit of blackberry.”

Here I am with The Epicurienne, a fizzy special featuring inspiration from England (strawberries), France (chambord) and New Zealand (pineapple. They said they didn’t have kiwis and I didn’t have the heart to tell them that pineapples don’t grow in New Zealand, but they do grow in many places around the Pacific, so it was good enough for me). Splash in some Smirnoff, naturellement, top up with ginger ale and voila! The Epicurienne! Mmm, tasty.

(Thanks to Katie Bargery for this snap.)

In case you’d like to try The Epicurienne, here’s the recipe:


Meanwhile, in another part of the hip Diageo bar, a cocktail bartender competition was taking place, only we didn’t realise until an announcement was made towards the end of the evening. Unbeknownst to us bloggers, the entrants had been busy making drinks to impress the judges. Ah! The penny dropped for Katie B and me, as we’d spent ages watching some Michael Schumacher lookalike in a chic waistcoat fashion a chunk of ice into a perfect tennis ball shape for a whisky on the rock (singular), only to have the guy he was making if for walk off and leave it. How rude! we thought. That was before we realised that the rude person was a judge. I guess it’s best not to get drunk on the job if that’s your vocation. Such restraint! Anyway, we rescued the drink and gave it to Andy. Waste not, want not.

As if the evening wasn’t exciting enough, we were all sent home with goodie bags of Smirnoff Red and ginger ale so we can try to Make The Mule At Home! I think Monsieur has a cocktail utensil set somewhere so I might just have to give it a whirl, only I’m pretty sure it won’t taste as good as when shaken by the Smirnoff mixologists. I guess I can but try.

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  1. planetross says:

    Sounds like a very cool evening out.

    I’m not sure how they would mix one for me though: cheese usually doesn’t make it in to too many drinks. hee hee!


  2. w1kkp says:

    Oh, this sounds like fun AND you look so lovely! A face one could tell their troubles to without them getting worse. Rare in these times, maybe you should start a video blog!


  3. epicurienne says:

    Right. PR. We need to find a cocktail for you that involves lashings of liquid cheese. I’ll get Blue Monkey on the case. (Cool name for a bar, actually – The Blue Monkey, branches in Japan and Maida Vale)

    Pat – you are so kind. I’m blushing! Then again, perhaps that’s the leftover cocktail from last week! I’ve run out of contacts at the moment so back to my geek glasses. I think I need a wife to order my contacts for me.


  4. Epic, you look so very much like someone I know! You are so cute (no bad profiles here)! It is so funny to FINALLY see what you look like!

    I’ll definitely swing by Brussels at Christmastime but plans are nebulous – there might be Paris and some visits to Rhone wineries on the agenda. Depending on how long I am in Europe, I might be able to swing by. We’d have to go for cocktails!

    planetross, there is a cocktail with ham infused in cognac. Perhaps replaced with Canadian bacon?


  5. Julius says:

    Well congratulations for winning!

    Send us an e-postcard from Amsterdam!



  6. epicurienne says:

    Hey Julius, thank you so much. I will be searching out all sorts of clog-abilia in Amsterdam. If you have any hints, please let me know!


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