Blue Monkey Oracle Visits London

Planetross has a Blue Monkey Oracle who gives him Life Advice. Blue Monkey got tired of doing that in Japanese and decided to travel to London to stay with me and learn Engris. He got here yesterday. PR had warned me that the packing was plentiful and it was; Blue Monkey arrived intact, although a bit jet-lagged, as he moaned to me last night. Here he is taking a nap in his travel box after he arrived at my workplace.

Blue Monkey’s former life was spent helping Ross, and he will continue to do so from the sights of London. (I promised to take him out at the weekend). If you haven’t seen the oracle posts on PR’s site, click here.

Meanwhile, it would seem that although I love Blue Monkey, he hasn’t made the same impact on a couple of people here. One colleague, Miss Jamaica, says he freaks her out. She implored me to take him home with me, so I did, even thought I really wanted him to stay by my phone at work.

Then, at home, Monsieur asked why I liked Blue Monkey so much. “Because he’s lucky!” I told him. “But you already have lucky things in the flat. Why do you need another one?” he asked me. The answer to that was simple: “Have you read the news today?” Point made. Blue Monkey stays. Watch out for posts from the new London residence of Blue Monkey Oracle. And thank you, Planet Ross, for decorating his travel box with the following slogans:

Real Tape (with an arrow helpfully pointing to a piece of tape)

Air holes so he can breathe (holes in side of box for admission of Oxygen for the Oracle)

Blue Monkey inside! (Kinda guessed that. Not many people send me packages from Japan these days!)

Hey, careful with this! (Kind warning but somewhat unnecessary, given the amount of bubble wrap and plastic foam bits inside)

He is in here (yup, he sure was!)

Caution! Live Oracle! (imagine the surprise of my colleagues when he jumped out of the box and shouted “Konnichiwa!!!”)

But best of all, given that PR had wrapped the box in a certain way so it could only be opened in that certain way, once I had the wrapping open I was greeted with:

Don’t be stupid! No one opens a box this way! Doh. Too late.

Yes, sir. All the marks of Planetross Personality all over the packaging. It was his blog come to life! And the influence is far-reaching…

Note: Thank you, PR, for sending Blue Monkey to London. I promise to take great care of him.

Double note: You might like to know that he has a special shelf, where he lives with a Buddha, a Tiger charm, and some holy water from Lourdes.

Triple note: In return for Blue Monkey, I promised PR to send him something equally eclectic from London, so if you have any inspiration, please send it my way. It has to be worthy of a Blue Monkey, if you know what I mean.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. planetross says:

    He looks so cute when he is sleeping. I’m sure he will enjoy his new digs.
    It’s good to see that he arrived in one piece: one never knows how much packing one needs.


  2. epicurienne says:

    Oh Planet Boy, he’s fine. Monkey is making himself at home. While I was at work today he did a whole bento box by himself. And left the mess for me to clear up. And told me that I should be grateful that he was no longer living in a bathroom. I don’t know what havoc he wreaked in your bathroom but so far, not too much mess.


  3. Glad to see Monkey in his new posh British surroundings. I think he is using telepathy to let me know it might rain in London today. Amazing, isn’t he?

    I think planetross briefly considered BOMB and ANTHRAX as package literary adornments.


  4. epicurienne says:

    You are so right, Nat. It’s raining, or at least grey and looking like a downpour will be here any second. AND it’s windy. AND we turned the lights on at 3pm today. AND yesterday we had icy cold winds… Blue Monkey says Kon Banwa! and he thinks the London weather sucks.


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