Yoshi Sushi Bento

I love having Bento for lunch. It’s a great way to eat Japanese – a partitioned lunchbox contains a balanced offering of salad, tempura and/or some sort of meat or fish, rice and some palate-cleansing fruit to finish. I used to work near a place where you could have a Bento lunch box for £5.00. Apparently those prices are long gone, because when I decided to find the nearest Japanese offering Bento recently, I had to fork out a tenner. That’s justifiable in that I don’t do things like that every day, and it was also really, really good, with perfect fish and vegetable tempura, which I enjoy. Had it not been a work day, I may have grabbed a bottle of Asahi from the drinks fridge, but it was, so I didn’t. Such a nerd.

Here’s what Yoshi Sushi gave me in the Bento:

Seriously good food. I feel a Japan-fest approaching my kitchen!

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  1. Ohh that looks so good! Salmon sushi… Kinda looks like a lot of food for lunch! I’d be napping like a baby for the rest of the afternoon!


  2. epicurienne says:

    It looks a lot but actually it’s very light. The sashimi was incredible. Mmmm. If someone else were paying, I’d have one every other day!


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