Ana Mandara Resort, Nha Trang, Vietnam

Monsieur and I have been enjoying some chill-out quality time in Nha Trang, Vietnam. Here’s a You Tube clip showing where we’re staying:

The clip is certainly inviting and we have certainly been enjoying ourselves, but the resort definitely has a local flavour. For a start, when we went swimming the other day we noticed a strange smell. It came from the traffic racing and beeping its way along the main thoroughfare hidden behind a crafty wall. Trust me – it’s full on rush hour on this road day and night, which suddenly made sense of the offer of earplugs-on-demand on the amenities request list. The other odd thing is that in spite of wearing 50% Deet and replenishing it at toxifyingly regular intervals, the mosquitoes here are immune with a very big I. My left leg is now pleasantly covered in 16 bites, 4 up from yesterday (I won’t bore you with the limb-by-limb stats here). We even have a mozzie net! Meanwhile, Monsieur doesn’t Deet himself and has no bites. Not a single one. Go figure. These Nha Trang mozzies are a complete mystery. Hopefully there won’t be any in HCMC – we’re off to the Big Smoke tomorrow!

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