This Little Piggy Went to Market – in La Rochelle

Doing the daily shop, French-style.

These aubergines are shinier than a militia man’s boots.

The lobster tank was looking a bit empty. I suspect there’d been a rush on lobster for cooling summer seafood platters.

This little piggy went to market, to hang out next to his brothers who are now a pair of delicious dried sausages. Oink oink.

Black-legged chickens with their heads ON, but running about no more.

Counting the chèvres…

Believe it or not, these rolls are called ‘hams’ of duck breast, and are stuffed with foie gras.

A trio of tapenades and other wicked treats to nibble with one’s apéro.

Legs of ham. With hoof or without?

Mimolette cheese (in case you were wondering). ‘Extra old’ says the label. You bet. 

Extra old or prehistoric?

And to finish: Charentais melons in the Charente-Maritime.

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