I’m in an Ape (ah-pay) State of Mind

Check out the cutest little car in the world: the limited edition Ape (pronounced ah-pay) Calessino, manufactured by the Vespa kings – Piaggio. I’m doing a good job of breaking the tenth commandment this week…

It’s a far cry from the little Ape workhorses to be found chugging along Italy’s country roads or delivering a surfeit of produce to the local market via the narrowest of alleys.

Being Italian, they know how to sell these trusty little beasts of the car world – dressing them up for chic seaside photo shoots.

True Ape-lovers can be quite creative with their decoration:

Sal Machiani, a Tuscan Ape, made his name as an actor in Cars 2:

And now you can even build your own Ape. With LEGO!

This isn’t the only picture I’ve seen of a bride and groom making their getaway in one of these trusty little three-wheelers:

Berwick Street Market’s Pizza Pilgrims cook pizza in theirs:

And they’re not the only ones with such entreprenurial uses for their small vans:

There are so many Ape fans in the world that this selection of ape images only scratches the surface.

Alas, I have nowhere to park my dream Ape Calessino, even  if Santa Claus managed to stuff one into my stocking this year and, truth be told, I don’t have stockings quite big enough for that sort of filler. Never mind. Thankfully, I’m content to daydream about my little Ape and what we might get up to together. With such a tiny engine and miniscule speed potential, breaking the sound barrier or filling up my licence with points wouldn’t be our kind of adventure, however filling up the back with a (small) friend, a (small) dog and plenty of everything for a relaxing afternoon in one of London’s parks, just might work. And, just like a cute puppy, a darling Ape like the Calessino is bound to be an ice-breaker, wherever we end up.

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  1. Fox & Maus says:

    I have wanted one of these since the day I found out they exist! Want to go halfsies?


    1. epicurienne says:

      Yes, I’ll go Dutch with you on the Ape, Fox n Maus. Now we just have to get it some water wings for its trips back n forth across the Atlantic!


      1. Fox & Maus says:

        D’awwww. An ape would use water wings. 🙂


  2. Epic, oh Epic…
    Lovely Epicurienne
    Your blog has inspired us
    To pick up our poetry pen

    And celebrate your love for food
    (You gorgeous bon vivant)
    We’re jealous of your travels
    You have the life we want

    We’re picturing you on a Vespa
    Or on an APE (ah-pay) as it is called
    Travelling to France and Italy
    Keeping us all enthralled

    With your Epicurious adventures
    You really make us smile
    Which is why you’re our favourite blogger
    You’re number one (by a mile)

    You’re probably aware of us
    We make household appliances
    That deliver yummy recipes
    That define food blogging sciences

    We’ve seen you hangin’ out in restaurants
    Dining in Kerbisher and Malt
    We’ve made the compact kitchen appliances
    Just bring your own vinegar and salt

    But even before you flew
    From New Zealand to old Blighty
    We were making gorgeous products
    More beautiful than Aphrodite

    We’re also in the food processors
    Which help you make tomato paste
    Like your hero Kenny Everett
    It’s all done in the best possible taste!

    And now that you’re moving house
    And hopefully have outdoor space
    Our range of gardening accessories
    Can help you customise your place

    Whilst we know that you’re quite cultured
    And know your decorative arts
    Our mission is to develop technology
    That wins over minds and hearts

    …that power your weekend wagon
    For you and your beau Monsieur
    From brakes to your ignition
    And the bits that make your engine roar…

    When you worked in the world of auctions
    You kept valuables protected
    Our Bosch security alarms
    Ensure that burglars are detected

    We wish you’d blog more often
    As your posts sure are a beaut!
    You keep our stomachs growling
    (You cheeky kiwi-fruit)!

    You are true blogging royalty
    In you, a friend we’ve found
    So spare a thought for us today
    Because Bosch is All Around (http://bit.ly/BoschUK)

    Hope you enjoyed that (come on over and say hello on Facebook or Twitter)!

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