Bicycle in Arles

Cycling in London freaks me out – too much badly-behaved traffic for my liking. But this bike fills me with daydreams of cycling through French fields, with a baguette, a ripe brie and a bottle of something chilled and chablis-like in my basket. I have a red and white gingham picnic cloth, the sun shines, there are wisps of cotton-wool cloud pulled across the horizon, and cicadas chirrup from the shade of nearby trees as I chew and sip my lunch at leisure. The afternoon is made for dozing and flipping lazily through the pages of Paris Match, wondering if Johnny Halliday will live forever. Funny how the sight of one simple bicycle can transport a person to such an idyllic afternoon, no real wheels required.

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  1. planetross says:

    When I see a coconut I think of lying on a Brazilian beach.
    Sadly, the last coconut I saw was while lying on a Brazilan beach.

    Steve McQueen, escaping from Devil’s Island in Papillon, also comes to mind.


  2. Cycling in France sounds good, but I’d like to suggest cycling down the Moselle in Germany in the late summer or early autumn. There is an excellent cycle path all the way from Trier to Colongne and because it follows a river it’s nice and flat and if you start at Trier, it’s all downhill!

    Lovely crisp moselles or federweißer to drink with freshly made flammkuchen after leisurely tootling downhill past vinyards and beautiful scenery. Heaven!


    1. planetross says:

      Razzbuffnik: I’d visit your blog, but on my computer it keeps coming up with Malware alerts. I can’t access your blog before my computer shuts it down.

      note: I don’t know what I can do. It sucks.


  3. w1kkp says:

    Epic! I love this photo and reverie of picnics past. I know you are going to have many more with your capacity to live life to the fullest! PS. I find the script font difficult to read in general but last night I first looked at this post on my IPAD and, honestly, I couldn’t read it at all. You might want to reconsider choice of font! Just sayin’…Mr. Buffnik and Engogirl are coming to Boston next week! Stay tuned!


  4. w1kkp says:

    Epic! Here’s a little movie of The RazBuffniks’ visit to Boston! They spoke very highly of you! Hope you are doing better!


  5. shaun says:

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