Snappy Snaps, Hammersmith – Where an enlargement helps Epic to shrink.

One day it was sure to happen: Monsieur and I would look in the mirror to find Tweedledum and Tweedle-ette staring out at our over-nourished selves. Recently, that day arrived. I wondered if we were indeed genetically linked to Jabba the Hut, such were the rolls of flab about our bellies. In our enjoyment of food, Monsieur and I had each gained a cautionary number of kilos in the years we’ve been together and now it was finally time to shake them off. I’d started to dread getting dressed because nothing looked right, yet I was loath to buy the larger size. My wardrobe was in dire straits and our families no longer ate alongside us discussing subjects like current affairs, travel or politics. No, they would recognise our love of food by kindly offering us seconds as the next deluge of diet tips tripped off their tongues. Family mealtimes were now too often filled with unsubtle reminders that my husband and I were FAT (God bless the honesty of blood relatives, not…), so, lest we anticipated living a life where conversation with loved ones would revolve around DIETS and EXERCISE forever after (yawn), we had to act. Now. The diet would no longer start tomorrow; in fact, it started a few weeks ago and you’ll be relieved to hear that Monsieur and I are already smaller versions of our roly poly, butter-loving selves and happily continue to shrink towards our target weights.

To coincide with the change in our eating habits, Fuelmyblog asked if I’d be interested in reviewing a framed enlargement service at a branch of the photography shop, Snappy Snaps, a stone’s throw from where I work in Hammersmith. Ah, now this could work out nicely, I thought, for I needed one of those weight loss inspiration photos somewhere prominent in the flat and the front of the fridge wouldn’t work in our case – it’s non-magnetic laminate and I hatehatehate sellotape on appliances.

Choosing the right image wasn’t too hard; I went back through the pictures of my hike up Ben Nevis some time back, Before I Got Fat. Downloading a picture of me at the summit of the highest peak in Great Britain, looking slimmer, fit and happy, a version of moi that I’m determined to see again, I took it on a USB to Snappy Snaps, who checked the image on one of their computers, agreed some minor cropping for the enlargement, asked the all-important question: “gloss or matt?” and told me to return at lunchtime the following day to collect the finished product.

The service was a breeze. I returned on time, almost to the minute stated on my receipt and, sure enough, my inspiration photo was ready. The 10 x 8 inch frame was affordable (less than a tenner total) simple in black and sturdy enough to stand but can also be hung on the wall. It now lives next to a papier mâché fish on a chest of drawers in our hallway. The photo certainly does the trick. I pass it numerous times each day and it spurs me on to keep up the shrinkage. Here it is:

(The red fish is my friend, the lucky Vietnamese water puppet! She guards the framed photo now and with piranha-like teeth will maim the hand of anyone who tries to move it… )

Where I think Snappy Snaps most deserves praise is for keeping their high street stores in spite of so much online competition. I admit it’s been a while since I visited a physical photo store; I generally let my mouse do all the walking. However, when I order prints, enlargements, greetings cards made from my photos or other photo products online, it can be a very hit-and-miss affair. Colours alter, finishes vary and one photo book ordered by a family member had to be sent back to the printer 4 times before they got it right. When I speak to my friends and colleagues, this sort of experience is perfectly common, after all, we’re dealing with computers here, not people. So imagine how refreshing it was to pop into my local Snappy Snaps, for a friendly, fast and efficient service given by real human beings. It only serves to reinforce the importance of the physical store in a world where shopping is done more and more frequently online. Agreed, computers are great. Online shopping can be practical. But sometimes, we just need a person.

This was a review post for Snappy Snaps & Fuelmyblog. I received 1 framed photo enlargement so that I could review these for you. My review is honest and in my own words.

Snappy Snaps online – click here

Fuel My Blog – click here

9 Comments Add yours

  1. planetross says:

    I haven’t been into a photo developing store for forever.

    You seem to be the master of “the freebie”: products, restaurant openings, booze promotions, … good work!
    I remember getting drunk in a pub in Hammersmith once when I was staying with friends in East Acton.

    note: good luck with the reductionizing!


  2. Tammy says:

    Since going digital in ’07, I have only printed a handful of photos. All my photographs are archived and then burned to CDs. Ah- the life of the digital age.

    Good luck with your weight loss! You’ve just been nesting since you got married. It happens.

    Love your Vietnamese water puppet!


    1. epicurienne says:

      Hi Tammy! Just getting back into the swing of things with the blog. Must try to get on with some new posts now. Re: the weight loss, we’re down 10+ kg so pretty happy. I just love being able to fit back in my skinny clothes. And the water puppet now has a mummy water puppet and a daddy fisherman water puppet. I think I might have started a collection… I’ll try to post a picture of the new additions soon. Hope all’s well with you! Will visit soon.


  3. writerdood says:

    Someone asked me to post a photo of them once online and sent me the pic. I removed their double chin, decreased their waist size, gave them a nice hourglass figure, removed the hair from their moles, and enlarged their breasts. She hadn’t asked me to do this, I was just doing her a favor.

    They were NOT appreciative.
    You just can’t make some people happy.


    1. epicurienne says:

      Writerdood – some people are just born impossible to please. You can photoshop me anytime.


  4. razzbuffnik says:

    I know just how you feel when I look in the mirror. Sometimes I just wish food didn’t taste SOOOOO good.


    1. epicurienne says:

      Tell me about it, Razz. Can’t believe I’m cooking with low fat everything these days. Tis a sign of age and slowing metabolisms methinks.


  5. planetross says:

    Enough with the “Snappy Snaps” … what are you doing? 🙂


    1. epicurienne says:

      Hi PR – what am I doing? Replying to you, of course. Just took a break from blogging for a while cos this year’s been somewhat difficult, but I’m back now, so watch this space for more posts to activate your appetite.


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