An Emus-ing Review of Boots

October in London: it’s dark in the morning, a chill is in the air and at work the central heating isn’t working so we wear scarves all day long. It isn’t even Hallowe’en yet.

Cue a timely newsletter from the folk at Fuelmyblog asking for interested bloggers to review the snug boots made by Australian brand, Emu. I needed no prompting to reply. This sort of footwear is right up my street, having a reputation for being both warm and comfortable. I fired off an e-mail to say I would be more than happy to review a pair of tall, black, Bronte-style Emus.

The boots arrived yesterday, which was perfect timing as it was a cool 18 degrees Celsius in the office. With blue lips I skipped back to my desk, box under one arm, to try them on. Opening the box I pulled out the Emus and smiled. In smart black suede with merino wool lining, they have a sensible rubber sole with the sort of traction that should help me to stay upright in the snow this winter, a feat not easily achieved. The boots certainly looked warm and comfortable from the outside, but how would they feel once on?


I pulled on the first boot and – what? – my foot would only go so far. I wriggled my toes and felt scrunching. Ah. This doofus had forgotten to remove the paper ball keeping the boot in shape. Paper ball jettisoned, I tried again, this time with success. The boot fitted perfectly and my right foot had found its cold weather heaven. Until that moment on an early winter’s morning I had not realised exactly how cold my feet had been.


For some time I kept just that one boot on. I didn’t think I could get away with wearing my Emus to meetings; at least not yet, but while I was at my desk I could at least get a feel for them. Eventually realising how odd I must have looked with loafer on left foot and Emu on right, I reluctantly removed the Emu, wishing the day away so I could take my Emus for a test drive after work.

On leaving the office it was suitably cold, grey and dull, but I was now happily wearing my Emus, every step taken a delight to my spoiled feet which adore comfort such as this. It’s like walking on a sheepskin, with full support, especially in the arches, and on sitting down I had to stamp my feet a couple of times to make sure they weren’t floating above ground.

The verdict? I love Emus and may well invest in a tan pair in one of their different styles. But this is not the end of this tale.

Earlier in the day French Colleague had noticed my Emus sitting under my desk.

“Aaah, you have EEEE-mus!” she enthused, “I have them too. I prefer them to UGGs.”

“Why’s that?” I asked,

“Because they have better traction. Actually, I have two pairs of Emus now.”  Quite the menagerie.

That can only be a good thing for me as long ago I stopped wearing heels in the street due to a rather nasty accident. I caught a heel between cobbles, resulting in a broken front tooth, severely bruised knee, grazed forehand and grazed hands. No, I didn’t call a ‘trip-or-fall’ lawyer, although perhaps I should have, given the size of the dental bill. Overnight I changed from no-pain-no-gain perpetual-heel-wearer to flat-footwear-afficionado. There’d be no more heels caught in cobbles or tube station grates for me. Heels are now reserved for work or special occasions.

On the travel footwear front, Monsieur and I will be visiting Portugal in a few weeks. Breton-Crêpe-Lover was giving me advice on Lisbon this morning when suitable footwear came into the conversation.

“In the streets there are lots of… what you call… stones, errr…”


“Yes, cobblestones, so you shouldn’t wear heels. Just flat shoes.”

Looking at my feet she noticed the Emus.

“Yes, those are PER-fect.” she said with a nod. “Wear THOSE in Lisbon.”

So not only are my new Emus comfortable, toasty-warm and soft on the sole, they’re also going to keep me safe from broken teeth. What a relief.

Useful links:

Fitness Footwear UK stockist of Emus with FREE UK delivery

Their homepage is here.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. planetross says:

    You are freebie city! you are workin’ this blog like pro.

    If I got a trial/promotional/sample anything, I’d probably say it was crap … just to see if I got another one anyway.

    Have fun in Lisbon!


    1. epicurienne says:

      PR – it’s a lot of fun reviewing things that relate to what you’ve posted about before but not so great when people send you stuff that you (a) didn’t ask for and (b) bear no relation to what you blog about. Then there are the advertising folk. For some reason, even though I only ever write about cars in connection to GOING somewhere, as opposed to engine sizes and optional accessories, I am frequently asked to place ads for automotive companies on my site. And viagra, even though I don’t write about um er pharmaceuticals. And various male part enhancers. And plastic surgery (what??). These boots were fun to review because they turned up when it was freezing outside and they kept my fussy feet nice n warm. A case of right product, right timing.


  2. razzbuffnik says:

    All you need now is to get your hair cut into a mullet; buy a plaid shirt and you could be one of my neighbours!


    1. epicurienne says:

      Razz – how did you know? Because that’s exactly how I dress. Someone has to represent Downunder chic in London. Might as well be me…
      FYI one of my top click-through getting tags is mullet. Go figure. I get tonnes of hits from that one. Just because I once wrote a post about Geeky Hair…


  3. Vicky says:

    I reviewed some Emu boots too, and only have glowing things to say about them…

    Mine got a suprise waterproof-ness test when I work them out to a theme park and rain poured down.

    I got soaked but my feet where dry as could be :o)


  4. epicurienne says:

    Hi Vicky – thanks for your comment. I have yet to test drive my Emus in the rain but now that you’ve told me they’ll weather the weather, I’m even happier with my new boots! At least we know our feet will stay warm this winter.


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