Getting to know you…London Bloggers’ Meetup Blogtag

An embarrassing while ago, Andy Bargery of London Bloggers’ Meetup Group, tagged me in Blogtag. The aim of this is to learn more about our fellow meetup compatriots and to increase our communication as a group, both in and out of the ether.

Here’s how it goes:

I tag three people from the LBM, including a link to their site/s, writing a short intro to who they are and what they blog about. I tag my post with ‘LBM Blogtag’ and include a trackback to Andy’s original Blogtag  post so he can tell when all LBM members have been tagged.

Here’s what you do if you are tagged, by me or some other lovely member:

You write a post, tagging three more people from the LBM (see above instructions), preferably people who haven’t yet been tagged.

So, here are my LBM Blogtag victims of the day:

  1. Own a Film Company – this site was set up by long-term LBM member who likes to remain anonymous, but most of you have probably met her by now. It’s great fun- see below for details.

Movie ticket

Own a Film Company Concept:

  • Initial registration is free.
  • Once 100,000 people have registered, we will email everyone an invitation to become a paid member and shareholder.
  • Paid Membership costs just £30 (plus VAT) a year and is limited to the first 100,000 people.
  • £5 of the membership fee is used for admin and the running the website, the other £25 goes to the film production fund.
  • Once there are 100,000 paid up members, we will have £2.5m to fund a low budget feature film.
  • Paid members will vote on the film script, main actors, crew, and the soundtrack (where applicable).
  • 50% of any profits will be split equally between the 100,000 paid members.

Membership Benefits:

  • Be a shareholder in a film production company. All members own one share, so have equal voting rights.
  • The chance to have your say, and be involved in the making of a feature film.
  • Apply to work on the production of the film in order to gain experience.
  • Submit your script before non-members.
  • Attend members only acting auditions.
  • Your music could be used for the soundtrack.
  • Make a profit, if the film is a financial success.

2. TikiChris – a keen photographer and fellow food-lover, Chris is one of those people who’s friendly, interesting and always happy to see you. I love his daily London Photos – there’s always something new and unexpected from this photographer’s eye. TikiChris is a busy lad, with his own blog, gigs with Qype and Londonist and other freelance activities to keep him bobbing up just about everywhere. He also has a thing for cupcakes and whisky, making him one of my kinda people.


3. PlummetOnions  and Timinator- these are blogs written by a certain Canadian ex-pat called Tim, who just so happens to be the first LBM member I met after Andy. This warrants him a special mention in Blogtag. Like Tikichris, Tim is another keen Qype Ninja with thousands of reviews under his belt. On his blogs, he muses about London’s live music scene and what life in London is like for someone who left real maple syrup and mounties behind for a local siren.  


If you’re into reading about quantum physics, the dangers of libel in medicine mixed together with Musical Migrants and Michael Jackson, then Plummet Onions is certainly for you. If, however, you prefer languid afternoons spent eating on Parisian rooftops, barbecues and gastropubs in darkest Berkshire, mixed in with zombie dressing at Shaun of the Dead showings, then try Timinator. You may, of course, like to read both.

There are many other people whom I’d love to mention here, but I must stick to Andy’s rules and stop now. Besides, at the rate of three by three, we should make it through the ranks pretty soon. That is, as long as everyone isn’t as slow as I was to respond. Shame on me. (Sorry, Andy! I was on hols. Honest injun.)

Just in case you’re interested after surfing the above links, here’s what Andy wrote about moi.

Epicurienne probably needs very little introduction to regular LBM’ers. She often pops down to our monthly socials and more importantly she frequently wins a prize. It started with a trip to Amsterdam for the Blog08 event, but then she went on to win a trip in the Stella Artois airship and more recently a T-Shirt from the Fashion Targets Breast Cancer folks. I have to say, the second I pulled Epicurienne’s name out of the hat for the T-Shirt I just couldn’t believe my eyes, how could she win again! The suggestion from her brother that there might be something going on probably expresses the shock in more clarity – just to clarify, there isn’t anything going on.. : – ). Well, there probably couldn’t be a nicer winner, so it seems fair play to me.

Epicirienne’s blog is actually a pretty entertaining read. It’s generally about life, travel , food, fashion and all sorts to be honest. But really, cold spaghetti, that truly is a “Snack of Shame”!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Andy B says:

    Welcome to BlogTag Epicurienne!! Shame on you for taking so long… : – )


  2. Timinator says:

    Thanks for the tag, sweetie. I have passed my tags along.

    One small correction: although I found my siren locally she is, like me, another Canuck. How roundabout is that?


    1. epicurienne says:

      Timinator – far out, I never realised! And the chances of two Love-Canucks meeting in Old Blighty and deciding to nest together here are…. Go on, you know you have a formula for this somewhere.


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