Losing Calories is a Breeze(r)

Andy Bargery at Londonbloggers.net has done it again. He has secured generous sponsorship for our bloggers’ meetup tonight, from Bacardi Breezer (the 100 calorie version) and House of Fraser. Epic Brother will be joining me at the meetup because I’m encouraging him to take to his keyboard and blog. It should be interesting for him to mingle with the blog-erati of London, whilst enjoying a low-calorie Breezer or two from the folk at Bacardi.

In anticipation of tonight’s festivities at Verve on St Martin’s Lane, Andy posted a competition. This time we had to say our most enjoyable methods of losing 100 calories and needless to say, because it’s a family-rated site, no indoor games of an adult variety were appropriate, not that I’d know any.

When I racked my brain, I don’t really have FUN losing calories, especially as the Epicurienne waistline has grown since co-habiting with Monsieur, due to our shared love of all things gastronomic and therefore I’ve been working hard recently to lose those extra pounds. None of it has been particularly enjoyable, although I’m happy to say that it’s working and I’ve dropped more than a dress size. My tips? I highly recommend coordinating the move of a large office, working 12 days straight, developing a chest infection and eating sea bass for Christmas lunch in order to kick start any weight loss plan. After that, eating less in the evening and swimming three times a week should work wonders along with a bit of Wii to combat the bingo wings.

When I thought harder about fun ways to lose 100 calories, I could have said that the achievement of climbing Ben Nevis was fun, but it wasn’t. It was bl**dy hard work going up and we got lost on our way down and my group included Little Miss Moany-pants, whom I dearly wanted to kick down the side of the mountain at one point. To make it worse, once we’d checked out the summit, which was freezing and looked like the moon, we realised that going DOWN the mountain hurt our legs more than going UP. It was a complete ankle-cracker. No, it was not fun. The best part of climbing Ben Nevis was the last 200 metres when we could see the pub.

Then I thought of kayaking. I love kayaking and so does Monsieur, but there’s a good reason why they call a tandem kayak ‘the marriage wrecker’. The last time we stepped into one of these boats, Monsieur and I had been engaged for a mere 48 hours. By the end of our little trip down the Dordogne, I think we could both have burned a further 100 calories by beating each other over the head with our paddles. No, I couldn’t put that down as fun.

I don’t ‘do’ gyms, apart from swimming, which I love. I no longer have the stamina for clubbing but I do like dancing around the living room. I can do certain Wii games but I’m embarrassing at others, and when I tried to play PS3 at the weekend, Monsieur got so frustrated with my lack of skill that he had to leave the room. (I think my somewhat vigorous abuse of the console may also have contributed to his exit.) How else can we kill those calories? Well, I heard once that housework burns them off, but I’ve never enjoyed shaking a feather duster or vacuuming, so cross those off the list. However, in the course of my research I found that pretty much everything I do during a typical day contributes to burning those calories, from blogging to cooking. Yes, my friends, you can even lose weight whilst whipping up some dinner.

So that’s what I decided to write in my entry – a Day in the Life of Epicurienne. I also had fun playing around with my avatar and the Paint application. Hmmm. I may not be a whizz at Photoshop but you just may see more Paint-ed pictures here soon. Here’s my entry:

Useful links:

London Bloggers website

Bacardi Breezer


House of Fraser


5 Comments Add yours

  1. planetross says:

    Cool video. I never knew I was in such good shape. hee hee!


  2. How many calories did you lose in product placement?
    I love the little drawings! Mrs. Jabba the Hut is priceless!!!


  3. epicurienne says:

    Ha PR, of course you’re in good shape. Every time you draw a cochon, that’s 6 calories burned. If you colour it in yourself you lose another 8 and if you use the mouse to click and fill with colour, you lose 0.3 calories. Not bad, really. Then there’s all that typing and posting and teaching and greeting of visitors and photographing and eating and playing with Sara and Mic’. You, too, are burning calories without even realising it.

    Nat- for Bacardi Breezer product placement I burned 342 calories on the competition entry, 103 calories on trying, and failing, to mix it with Physical by Olivia Newton John FAIL FAIL FAIL, then roughly 60 calories taking the tube to the Meetup, 82 calories chatting with all the other bloggers, 23 calories through blushing when Andy said I’d won the main prize of the evening and that’s about it. Conversely I consumed 300 calories (one of each low cal breezer) and a lebanese filled pita (unknown calories but lots of fresh cabbage) en route home so all that work landed right back on those Jabba hips of mine!
    Pleased you liked Mrs Jabba. I had fun making her. Like Sara and Mic’ I think she’ll be back.


  4. annmucc says:

    Congrats on winning 😉
    I must say those figures are hilarious! And I see I should blog more 😉 That seems the only way I will ever stop from becoming Mrs Jabba 🙂


  5. epicurienne says:

    Hi Ann – what about your win? You did well yourself and the fact that you’d never seen snow before your London’s record snowfall this year makes your entry extra special.


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