Goodnight Saigon, Billy Joel

Here’s another Vietnam track to jog your memories. It’s one of my all-time favourite Billy Joel songs (along with ‘Allentown’ and ‘Honesty’). I listened to it over and over when I was (um, well) a lot younger than I am now and in the long version, the beginning of the track where the sound of helicopters fades into a crescendo sends chills down my spine every time.

When Monsieur and I were staying in Nha Trang, we decided to go up to Dalat for some Vietnamese golf and on the way our driver pointed out some hills above a valley of lush green paddy fields. He used some uncannily similar words to those of Billy Joel in describing the fighting there. “Americans and South Vietnamese held the day here in the fields but North Vietnamese came down from hills late afternoon and they ruled the night.”

Definitely one for the Vietnam travel soundtrack.

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