Friday fun – Geeky Hair

Good morning people and welcome to the Friday Fun Post. Today is all about hair. Why hair? you may ask, how does hair relate to travel, food and blogging? The answer is that tonight I’m on a mission with my London Bloggers Meetup mates, Cathy (of the Jog Blog) and Tracey (of the year-long Free Alcohol Challenge), to tidy ourselves up and bond over conditioners, serums and glasses of bubbly. Yes, people, the salon we’re going to serves bubbly, but more about that AFTER the chop.

My hair and I have our moments. There have been issues; a lifetime of them in fact. Early on I learnt that a fringe does not work on me, so we don’t do fringes now. Then I went short and short worked for a while until my mother booked me in for a pampering cut after a tough week at work and I walked out looking like Sheena Easton.

I’d tried to stop the hairdresser from shearing the crown. She even acknowledged my increasingly desperate requests to leave the top long, but she was one of those hairdressers who lives for gossip and her chopping became more angry and frantic as she told me about another customer’s husband’s affair. The end result was horrible. Longish in the front but so short at the crown that a big circle of my hair sprouted vertically from my scalp. Then came the dreaded blow drying with a canful of moose and a lot of scrunching. Biting my lip until was a safe distance from the shop, I then burst into tears. I admit it. It was a veritable hairstyle Disaster (note the capital D). Thank heavens for my baseball cap collection which saved me from looking like a complete eighties retro loser. I wore one every day (colour coordinated, of course) for two weeks. Only then could I go out and safely bare my hair. Following that experience, we don’t do short anymore.

There have been a couple of interesting dye situations. My hair bleaches naturally in the sun so I get the odd light brown/ vaguely blonde streak. Then bright spark here thought a burgundy hair colour was a good idea, but I emerged from the bathroom with bright pink streaks where my hair was lighter. Given that I had a lovely linen jacket for work that was lemon yellow, I looked particularly colourful that summer. Oh well, I was never a punk so this part-way made up for it.

When I think about the worst haircuts in the world, here’s what I come up with: the mullet. Short sides, long on top and really unattractive long curly bits at the neck. In fact, with a proper mullet, you can’t see the neck at all. It’s Billy Ray Cyrus of the nineties and has no place in the 21st century.

 While we’re on the subject, if you google ‘mullet’, you’ll find some interesting examples of the human species (oooh, Baby!):

And if you crave a mullet but don’t want to wait the time required to grow one, you can buy a mullet wig:

 So what will tonight’s haircut involve? Hopefully, a blunt cut bob, all one length, thank you very much and no arguments, although most hairdressers want to do something more ‘interesting’ with my hair than a blunt cut bob . Yes, a multi-layered highlighted cut of the moment might make the hairdresser’s workday more interesting but with stubborn hair like mine, it will only ever look good for about two hours and those two hours are directly following the cut.

Given that Tracey and Cathy go to London Girl Geek dinners and I’m now signed up to join them, it’s possible we’ll end up walking out like a trio of Microserf Geeks:

wearing microchip hairclips:

(Hey, where can you buy those things, anyway?)

Then again, perhaps not. I’m just looking forward to an evening with the girls where we can talk to each other about the benefits of RSS feeds and how to raise reader stats in one breath and which hair treatment suits us best in another, all girl-geeks together. As for Monsieur, when I told him I’d be getting my hair cut with a couple of bloggers, he looked at me really hard, was quiet for a moment,  then said:

“Going for a hair cut WITH people? Hmmm. It must be a girl thing.”

4 Comments Add yours

  1. razzbuffnik says:

    You have to see the new TV show here in Oz called, “Double the fist”.


  2. epicurienne says:

    That mullet is monstrous! Thank you for the link. I think I might have to put this in an obvious post so everyone can see it.


  3. brayonna says:

    hey he has a funny hair stye what up wiyh that


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