Berocca’s Bloggers Relief Packs – update

Recently, I wrote about Berocca and their Bloggers Relief Packs. Here’s the update:

I was really excited about getting a Bloggers Relief Pack but frustrated by the stupid delivery company who only wanted to deliver to me at home during the hours I work at work. In order to receive my package of nicknacks for the stressed-out blogger I would now have to go to a gloomy and lonely industrial estate street that lay between a prison and a cemetery. I almost went. I considered its interest as a blog post, WITH action photos of prisoners jumping over walls and mortal vampires lurking behind tombstones. Then I thought the better of it and asked a neighbour who works from home to sign for the package for me, instead.

Oooh, excitement! To come home and find a big box addressed to Epicurienne! Here’s a picture of the pack:

I was pleasantly surprised to see everything presented in a Berocca-branded Bloggers Relief Pack carry bag, with a friendly letter enclosed from the Berocca marketeers. That’s what we call brand-conscious. Naturally, there were Berocca goodies inside – a glass for your Berocca tablets to fizz in, the Berocca tablets themselves, a Berocca pen and Berocca-green stress ball. I have a collection of stress balls that are sent to me at work by various companies who must think my job is stressful (I wonder why), so this will be joining the existing group.

The fun part of the pack is the gadgets. First up, there’s a bubble wrap keyring which is supposed to pop like bubble wrap when you press its bubbles, but which isn’t really loud enough to be wholly satisfactory.  On the back of the pack it says that at random intervals the keyring will make other sounds, like that of a dog barking. My thumbs are tiring from pressing the bubbles waiting for the dog to bark. I’ve given up. For the moment, anyway. If I ever manage to make it bark, I promise to write about it.

Then there’s the USB panic button which you plug into your laptop or hard drive and press when you are stressed. I have yet to fully test this, but can say that the various options of screensaver activated by the button are both funny (boss’s head exploding) and useful (excel spreadsheet when you need to hide evidence that you weren’t using the computer for strictly work purposes when someone important lurks up behind you or instant blackout screen) with the addition of a countdown screen. I haven’t tried that one yet so will have to report back later.

My favourite gadget by far is the Dead Fred pen holder, for stabbing your new, green Berocca pen into in times of angst. It reminds me of the Ex Knife Block

and the Voodoo toothpick holder, as seen recently on Evolution of a Foodie.

Do you think the designers of these items have a wicked sense of humour, or are they sitting at home decapitating dolls? Perhaps it’s a bit of both.

In the relief pack letter, the Berocca people mentioned their continued interest in the Blogosphere… I’m dying (just like Fred the penholder) to see what they come up with next.

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