Berocca Bloggers Relief Packs – About blogging time!

Following a recent London Bloggers’ Meet-up, Andy Bargery posted a note on the Meet-up site to say that Berocca, that fizzy vitamin pick-me-up in a glass, had launched a Bloggers’ Relief Pack. If we bloggers were interested in receiving one, we should follow this link and apply. Well, I’m very excited to say that Berocca e-mailed me last week to say that I’d be receiving one of these packs, containing all sorts of stress relief toys to ease the angst of keeping the target number of weekly posts on track.

Someone at Berocca must know my dirty little secret. When I was at university, I passed all my exams thanks to Berocca. Paying no heed to the directions which state that just the one tablet a day should be dissolved in a glass of still water, I downed three per day, at least. Anyway, the interesting by-product of consuming so many vitamins (a healthy mix of the Bs and C) is psychedelic green pee.

Throughout exam weeks, I stayed alert, succombed to no nasty germs and my pee remained the resolute green of a highlighter pen. Each year, when exam time ended, the Berocca went to live in the bathroom cabinet until a hangover or the threat of a cold brought it out again. In the meantime, my pee returned to a regular colour and always gave me a shock. “Something’s wrong,” I screeched to a girlfriend one year after exams, “my pee’s yellow!” Shaking her head at my stupidity (too many brain cells dead with exhaustion, no doubt) she said “that’s because you’re not taking Berocca anymore.” Doh. That was a real Homer Simpson moment.

Even now, my colleagues and I live with a tube of Berocca in our desk drawers. In fact, I’ve never known a workplace without Berocca living in a drawer somewhere. In desperate times when faced with an empty chemist shelf I’ve tried wannabe versions but they all taste wrong. If we’re going to fight our ailments, we’ll be fighting them with the original vitamin kick-start fizz with a giant B on the packet. I’m therefore quite excited at the prospect of receiving my Bloggers’ Relief Pack with its box of Berocca inside, although now I have an adventure ahead: going to collect it.

The delivery company tried to deliver my bubble wrap keyring, Dead Fred pen holder, and other Berocca goodies on Monday. They only deliver during working hours but Monsieur and I are strangely enough at work during working hours, so I suggested they return on Saturday. “We don’t deliver on Saturdays.” came the response. Brilliant. So now I have to find a way to collect it from a depot that lies in the middle of an industrial estate, located halfway between a cemetery and a prison (eeek) and a long, long walk from the nearest tube station. It should make for an interesting blog if I make it home alive. In the meantime, thank you Berocca People, for raising the profile of the unsung bloggers out there, killing themselves to finish their posts on time. I guess that’s where Dead Fred comes in…

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  1. Let me get this straight: you are stressing out about getting your hand on your anti-stress pack. Riiiiight…


  2. epicurienne says:

    Yeah, well I figure it gives me a reason to use the stress toys … Anyway, in the end I chickened out and asked delivery co to redeliver to my neighbours. Lucky them!


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