Eurostar? Euro-BAH-humbug!!

Monsieur and I are certainly having some pre-Christmas issues. First, we couldn’t make it to celebrate early Christmas with my parents because of the snow over the weekend. Conditions were too hazardous to drive. But wait, says Epic, let’s take the train! What train? All those going along our desired route were either cancelled or severely delayed or ran the risk of getting stuck between stations. Preferring not to freeze in transit, we turned up the fire and stayed at home.

Now we’re supposed to go to France for French Christmas, but low-flying pigs are looking more likely to appear in our pre-Christmas future. Check out these pictures of London St Pancras terminal today, courtesy of

And this is the latest official comment from Eurostar:

Service Update – 16:30 UK time



Due to the continuing bad weather, speed restrictions are in place on our high speed lines, adding up to two hours to journey times. As a result we cannot operate as many trains as planned.

Therefore we are asking all customers booked to travel before Christmas to refund or exchange their tickets free of charge, if their travel is not essential.

If you hold a booking leaving London St Pancras or Paris Nord today and are not already at the station, please do not travel to the station as unfortunately we are not able to accept any more passengers for travel today. If your travel is essential, seats will be allocated to you on trains tomorrow (please see the link below).

Thank you for your patience.

Oh, joy. This week is going to be a mission, especially with more snow on its way. Sadly, there’s nothing anyone can do about this crazy weather. It’s not like we can switch it off, or anything.

So, just in case I get stuck in the Channel Tunnel at some point during this super-snowy time and do not reappear for a while, Merry Christmas and may 2011 bring everything you hope for.




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  1. annmucc says:

    Good luck for your travel plans!


  2. epicurienne says:

    Thanks Ann. Can’t wait to RELAX a bit at Christmas, whichever side of the Channel we happen to be on. This snow fiasco is exhausting.


  3. w1kkp says:

    I was wondering how you were doing!! Now, after reading this post and the most recent, I know. I remember the way Eurostar handled the “Freeze in the Chunnel” and I’m three thousand miles away so for regular travelers this is truly another totally mishandling. I honestly don’t get it. They couldn’t have called the Salvation Army last Saturday? Just curious but is The Salvation ARmy” the emergency plan for transportation hubs?

    Anyway, you are adventurers and this being your first “married” Christmas, I suspect you’ll make it to your French family and I hope your own parents as well, albeit a little late. I didn’t realize that they lived a train ride away…that is IF the trains are running.

    O, dear. Fingers crossed for you!


  4. epicurienne says:

    Hi Pat! Thank you so much for your kind wishes. Astrologers are putting it down to yesterday’s lunar eclipse. Apparently things are likely to go wrong when the moon gets in the way of the sun. Monsieur and I will make good of whatever happens. It’s just sad for our families if we can’t be with them for Christmas and we really are family people. Still, we have next week off work so there’s flexibility and we should make it to see everyone sooner or later. In answer to your question, the Salvation Army isn’t military; they’re a Christian charity with huge hearts who help all sorts of folk in dire situations- this time queuing for Eurostar. Bless them. Should have been the train staff serving refreshments but as we know, they’re not boy scouts and therefore never prepared!!! Love to you for Christmas and 2011 xx


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