One Night in Bangkok

Hi Epicuri-friends!

Monsieur and I are currently in Hanoi, enjoying the fight to cross the road without being crushed by mopeds, kidnapped by cyclo pedallers or shanghai-ed for photos by women with baskets balancing off their shoulders. We’ve had a couple of enlightening days in Bangkok, including a visit to see The Golden Buddha, the Grand Palace (wow) and the Weekend Market. It was hot hot hot and there’s a lot to tell when we get back, especially concerning a certain driver named Daeng.

Until then, here’s an old Bangkok song that Daeng kindly sang to us in his car yesterday:

To add to my retro eighties You Tube travel series I thought One Night in Bangkok from the musical, Chess, would be a suitable choice. Then I realised there was more than one version.

There’s the full 1985 original version:

There’s the downright WRONG version:

(Does anyone else find it a bit disconcerting to watch a little girl dancing to this in her pink wig and mini-dress? Odd. Seriously odd.)

And there’s the techno version featuring the crash scene from Lost:

There are also various other techno and remix versions, but that’s enough of one song for now.

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