Friday is Fun Day

Friday is Fun Day. It’s ‘I-can-wear-jeans-to-work’ day. It’s a day to share jokes, look forward to the weekend and wind down after a week at full velocity. At least, that’s what I aim for on Fridays. It doesn’t always pan out.

When I worked for The Auction House, I used to send all my friends a special Friday e-mail. Now I think I might have to resurrect that tradition in the form of a Fun Friday post, just to make sure we remember that life isn’t all about envelopes with windows, deadlines and overtime.

Recently, I was talking to Stationery Guy whose son likes saying “I ain’t goin’ in no plane!”, just like Mr T’s alter ego, B A Baracus. Remember him? Big, black and scary with a mohawk and lots of man-bling. The terrifying thing for those of us who remember it from the first time around is that the A Team is having a revival. It’s on Sky TV in the UK and if you’re bored with your current look you might consider buying Mr T disguise sets from all the party stores. Here’s one I found earlier:

Then Wise Woman told me about a friend of hers whose friends dressed him up as Mr T for his stag night. Apparently there was a lot of “I ain’t walkin’ down no aisle!” going on. He did, however, walk down an aisle shortly thereafter, so all that talk did no lasting damage.

The A Team is even influencing fashion. The other day, a trendy guy who works in our building was wearing a tee shirt with a line-up of the four A-Team characters in cartoon form. It was seriously cool, only I was so busy staring at the tee-shirt that I can’t remember which guy he is. I’m now waiting until he wears it again so I can ask where he got it.

For the techies, there are avatars aplenty if you google for them…

But most importantly, there’s the A-Team theme!

In case you still haven’t had enough, you could try a Mr T in your pocket.

Someone has even shown us what happens when Mr T meets a teapot. That must make him Mr Tea. Yes? No? Shut up, foo’…

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  1. Slipstream says:

    You can get Mr. T on your GPS too! I have him on mine and I love it. “Turn left fool.” It’s great and the best thing is it’s the real him. Go to: and get him giving you your directions


  2. epicurienne says:

    Thanks for the tip, Slipstream! If I had GPS, I would have Mr T talking on it. Might have to click onto Navtones to check out the voice in any case…


  3. planetross says:

    If you like Mr. T., check out this guys site:

    He’s in my blogroll and has Mr. T. and Chuck Norris sections 🙂

    I pity the fool who don’t look!


  4. epicurienne says:

    OHMIGAWD PlanetRoss. You have added to my Mr T addiction. Heaven help me now… Tank yoo veh much, Fool. I jus’ gonna foo’ around wid tha’ site o’ yor friend but I tell ya, I still ain’t gettin’ on no plane.


  5. razzbuffnik says:

    A Mr T in your pocket!


    I want one.

    Funny that the Mr T disguise has white skin. I can’t imagine any self respecting black person wearing it.


  6. epicurienne says:

    Razz, I want one, too!
    If you google Mr T costumes, a lot of them come with face paint… In fact, that little brown tin in the picture above is, I believe, face paint. Hours of fun.


  7. razzbuffnik says:

    …… getting the stuff out of your clothing


  8. epicurienne says:

    haha. You got it!


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