Tory Island on Countryfile

Here in the UK there’s a great weekly news programme called Countryfile. Every Sunday morning it addresses news of different parts of the UK’s countryside, from agricultural matters to organic food, cooking to fertilisers, new crops and rambling. Last week, my mother told me about an episode where reporter, Adam Henson, travels to Tory Island, which has its own King and a yellow labrador called Ben who swims with Doogie the Dolphin each day.

I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m sick of hearing about wars and the credit crunch. I already know too many people who’ve lost their jobs recently due to the ailing world economy, and missiles in Tehran are not what I should watch prior to sleep in the evening. Isn’t it time for some positive news, like Ben and Doogie’s unusual friendship? or an island with its very own King? It’s not that we should ostrich ourselves into not knowing what’s going on in the world, but surely some positivity would help maintain a balance?

That’s why I think the Ben and Doogie story is so wonderful. The documentary shows Ben bouncing along a pier and down a flight of stone steps into the water of Tory’s little port. Out he swims to meet Doogie for a swim. Doogie splashes while Ben circles him until the ferry leaves, prompting Doogie to follow it out to sea. Ben then returns to the shore, shaking his wet coat all over Adam Henson. It’s simply charming.

In case you want to watch the episode in question, click on this link.

Ben and Doogie appear at around 44 minutes.

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  1. Park Hye Ri says:

    HI! I really like the picture… i really make my teacher happy! tHANK YOU for introducing to me.. Next time, i wanted to see again.. Thanks!


    1. epicurienne says:

      Pleased you liked it; the story’s adorable, isn’t it?


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