Blogs to make you laugh

On a lighter note, here are some blogs and posts which have made me giggle a lot recently:

The Fail Blog, where people submit photos of anything that has obviously failed to go as expected,

Where the hell is Matt? which follows Matt as he dances his way around the world with the support of Stride gum… Let’s just say he has developed his own distinctive style, which doesn’t change, but the scenery and people dancing with him do. A great concept.

Paddy K on how to use a toilet. Selected excerpts of this were circulated at the office where I work when there were complaints of unsavoury goings-on in our conveniences…

And Here it goes again shows super-human limb coordination. It’s one of my all-time You Tube favourites.



4 Comments Add yours

  1. razzbuffnik says:

    Thanks for turning me onto “Where the hell is Mat?”


    Gee he’s been around to a lot of places. I’m envious.

    The fail blog is a good one too.


  2. epicurienne says:

    Hi Razz,

    I love the Matt website, especially when he explains which e-mails he will probably never respond to…
    We need more laughter in our lives!


  3. Hello Mademoiselle,

    Loved the Fail Blog. The other day, riding in my car, I notice a sign for a “Book Faire” organized by a local church. I hope they’ll sell dictionaries.


  4. Average Jane says:

    Failblog is by far the best new thing going. You’ll find yourself yelling “FAIL!” out in your daily life. OK- well maybe YOU won’t, but I sure do. Trip over curb? FAIL! White T-Shirt on a rainy day? FAIL! You get the point 🙂


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