Epic Blog Series – 1. All The Dumb Things

Ever since I started blogging, I’ve found it fascinating and enriching to get to know some other bloggers. One of my first blog-pals is Razzbuffnik, who writes All The Dumb Things. The reasons I’d recommend visiting his site include his fantastic photos, covering every sort of subject from seventies’ Cambodia to a firebreathing Razz and the fact that this multi-faceted man writes about his many adventures in life, with a combination of intelligence, good humour and wisdom.

I asked Sydneysider, Razz if he’d answer some questions for me so I could post them on this page.

“Sure” he replied. So here we go, getting to know a bit more about Razzbuffnik.

Epic: When and why did you decide to take up blogging?

Razz: Last year in April because Mrs Razz has been at me for years to write down my anecdotes and then turn them into a book. She’s filled out three pages with just titles of my various stories. I also have thousands of photographs that are just sitting around going mouldy so I thought that I might do something with them.

Epic: Why do you call yourself Razzbuffnik?


1. I want anonymity and it also gives a modicum of privacy to the people I write about.

2. When I was in the carnival there was a kid I knew whose father used to call people by either of two made-up names. One of the names was Simeon Gloudfartz and the other was Izzy Razzbuffnik. I’ve always thought that Izzy Razzbuffnik was a funny name so I thought I’d use it as a nom de plume for blogging.

Epic: Explain your inspiration for All The Dumb Things

Razz: Paul Kelly’s song, “I’ve done all the dumb things”. Also, when I think about my life and all the stories that I have, it makes me realise that it’s “all the dumb things” I’ve done that people are interested in hearing. Many of the things that I’ve done are so stupid that most people are just incredulous when I tell them about them.

Epic: What makes you laugh?

Razz: That’s a hard one. Sometimes it’s the stupid things that people do. Then again, stupid things that people do sometimes anger me. I like wit and crazy off-the-wall stuff.

Epic: Which is the best blog you’ve read recently and why?

Razz: Besides yours of course 😉 Again that’s a difficult one. I find that I read about 10 blogs regularly and I don’t feel that I’ve got a favourite. Pat Coakley’s Single For A Reason is pretty good as she quite often has very good photographs with interesting observations about life. She’s a pretty smart and insightful woman.

I’ve also been reading Finkenwalde who is an ex-marine. He’s a very insightful guy who’s proof that not everyone who volunteers for the armed services is nuts or a meathead. Sometimes he writes about mundane family stuff that almost brings a tear to my eye. I think he’s been through a lot (not combat) and he’s one of those people who thinks a lot about what goes on around him.

I also check out Unique Muslimah to keep in touch with what Muslim women have to say. I think that anyone with fears about Moslems should check out this blog to see how decent and loving most of them are.

Epic: If you found yourself stranded on a desert island with three people of your choice (alive or dead) who would they be?

Razz: This would be conditional on whether I could speak their languages or they mine.

1. My wife (I’m not just saying this to look good. Mrs Razz is my favourite person.

2. Leonardo da Vinci

3. Thor Heyerdahl.

Epic: If you were visiting Sydney for the first time, what would you recommend doing or avoiding?

Razz: Recommend: go to a small beach like Clovelly and do some snorkelling. Avoid: King’s Cross.

Epic: After Sydney, where would you like to live next? (if you might ever consider moving again)

Razz: A few years ago I would’ve said Vancouver (I used to live there) but I’ve been back a few times over the last couple years and it’s really gone downhill. If I had the funds, I think I’d like to live in France for half of the year and Sydney the other half.

Epic: Where is your favourite place on the planet?

Razz: The Grand Canyon. I’m also very happy to be sitting in my backyard with Mrs Razz, reading the paper and relaxing.

Epic: What has been your proudest moment?

Razz: Getting married to Mrs Razz.

Epic: If there are three pieces of life advice you could give to a banker caught in the current credit crunch, what would they be?

Razz: Are you a banker? If so please don’t take offence.

1. Get out of that profession. (I’d say this even if there wasn’t a credit crunch.) 2. See 1. 3. See 2.

Epic: What’s on your bedside table?

Razz: Three unfinished books.

“Freedom at Midnight” which is about how Britain gave away an empire. It started off pretty well, but Gandhi’s decision to start sleeping with his niece so he could get in touch with his feminine nurturing side has turned me off.

“Love and Death in Kathmandu” which is about the Nepali prince killing his father. Way too much astrology and superstition for me.

“Attila” a fictional account of Attila the Hun. Not very well written.

Epic note to reader: Perhaps you’re starting to see why I so enjoy reading All The Dumb Things. Visit the site with a cup of something warm and plenty of time to read… And just in case you’re wondering what the photo of tomatoes signifies at the beginning of this post – you’ll just have to visit Razzbuffnik’s site to find out.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. razzbuffnik says:

    Gee! He sounds like an interesting guy. I must go and have a look at his blog 😉

    All joking aside, thanks for the shout.


  2. w1kkp says:

    This was fun to read (even without the shout out, I mean it!). Good lord, what if he had named himself: Simeon Gloudfartz?
    I loved your questions, too. Without doubt a unique soul and holy god look at the bedside reading list? I’d better ditch Ken Follett & get to some high brow readin’.



  3. epicurienne says:

    Hi Pat,

    I know, I know. Quite a character that we’re dealing with here. I guess if we weren’t calling him Razzbuffnik we’d be calling him Gloudfartz (*snort*). We should probably count ourselves lucky.



  4. Awww, thank you so much for your lovely comment! It really touched my heart. I was pinged on my dashboard which led me here and I’m quite happy to have found your post, I’ll be checking in regularly!


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