A Blogger’s Night Off

At long last, my first foray into the Official Blogging Scene happened last week, courtesy of London Bloggers Meet Up. Organised by Andy Bargery, who valiantly appeared in spite of battling a Nasty London Lurgy, this was just as fun as I’d hoped. What a great night! At the Coach and Horses in Soho, the chosen venue for the meet up, I following Andy’s directions to walk (literally) through the bar (think Harry Potter at platform 9 3/4) and up the stairs.  Unfamiliar faces filled the room. It’s quite a feat to walk into a crowd of people whom you’ve never met before but in this case, it was strangely easy. Just by turning up we proved that we all had something in common: our blogs.

Having checked out some of the other attendees in advance, I felt like a groupie-in-awe as I met seasoned bloggers: Nova Scotian, Tim, of  The Plummet Onions,  the ebulliant Tony Scott who’s currently planning WordCamp UK in July, and  Miss Geeky herself who confessed to being amused by the interest in her blog as a potential place for meeting Miss Perfect of the Geek world… I learned about ‘monetising’ blogs from Paul Brown, a representative of Affilinet, showing me just how much I still have to learn, and later on found common ground with Andy Roberts who shares my love of France and whose Moo card shows the sphere-topped auditorium at France’s futuristic theme park, Futuroscope. If you haven’t been there, go!

Sadly, I didn’t have a chance to talk to everyone and had to get home to pack for the next on the list of Epic Adventures: a Bandes Dessinées weekend in Paris and Brussels. Tearing myself away from stimulating conversation with people who were strangers no longer, I had a quick chat with the extremely tall West Indian barman on my way out.

“Is it a problem to be so tall?” I asked him

“Not at all,” he beamed, “I love my height. It’s just a bit annoying trying to find clothes that fit.”

Doncha just love someone who’s comfortable in their body? So refreshing compared to those of us who complain about all the bits we’d love to change…

As for the London Bloggers Meet Ups, I’m hooked and look forward to meeting more kindred spirits at the next one 27 May, 7.30pm




2 Comments Add yours

  1. tonyscott says:

    Glad you enjoyed the London Bloggers gathering at the Coach and Horses.

    See you on 27 May!


  2. epicurienne says:

    Absolutely, Tony. Looking forward to it. It’s in the diary!

    See you then.


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