La Vie en Rose by Jamie Ivey

Having thoroughly enjoyed Extremely Pale Rosé by Jamie Ivey, I was thrilled to find a sequel to quench my thirst for rosé wine in London’s ever-grey winter. La Vie en Rosé does not disappoint. On this occasion, Jamie and Tanya are trying to forge a French life for themselves by test-driving the concept of a rosé wine bar in the south of France. Lovably eccentric friend, Peter, is along for the ride with his faithful BMW, Betty, the pack-horse for cases of wine from faithful vintners whom we met in the first instalment. The characters are present in a full three dimensions and the settings make for itchy feet.

I e-mailed Jamie to thank him for such a wonderful couple of books (watch this space; there’s a third on its way! Rose en Marché available from 26 June 2008 ) and he kindly replied with information on a concurrent venture to his becoming a favoured author and wine merchant: a magazine. It’s called Blue Sky Living and if you e-mail Jamie, he’ll tell you more.

I thoroughly recommend reading Jamie and Tanya’s adventures in France. They’re a true testament to the fact that escaping the rat race is worth it. Especially if you have a supportive friend named Peter.

and for their new magazine about life in France

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