The Shangri La of healthy breakfasts

This is a breakfast that works with a diet: inspired by the healthy breakfast menu at the Shangri La hotel in Singapore.

The field mushrooms are filled with low-fat cream cheese (I use Philadelphia light with chives), then sprinkled with low-fat olive oil and a little parmesan cheese and popped into the oven at 180C for about 10-15 minutes. Garnish with half a cherry tomato on serving. Looking at my attempt above, the mushroom could only benefit from a sprinkling of chopped herbs.

The egg is poached. The baked beans are Weight Watchers. The bacon is smoked back rasher, selected for having less fat, more protein present. 2 rashers should be plenty if you’re watching your weight. Make sure you pat them dry of excess fat with kitchen paper after frying.

When everything hot has landed on the plate, garnish with a handful of fresh leaves. You don’t really need dressing because the salad mops up the flavours of everything else on the plate.

I hope that, like me you’ll find this so simple and tasty that you won’t remember you’re on a diet.

Shangri La Hotel, Singapore

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  1. planetross says:

    That looks really yummy.
    I can’t see the poached egg! Where is the egg?
    … and what’s that blob on the right? If that’s the egg … then man it’s a really small egg.

    note: I want to eat about 5 of those! … and get all Marlon Brando Apocalypse Now big!


    1. epicurienne says:

      PR – hah – well spotted. I should have taken a shot of Monsieur’s plate because his egg was regular size. Mine is small because I’m not a huge fan of egg white so I ‘lose’ some down the sink before cooking the egg. I’d love to see you Marlon Brando Apocalypse Now big, so please do eat 5 of these breakfasts and send me the before and after photos. NOTE: do NOT use Weight Watchers or low-fat anything to expedite the experiment. Use full fat, added fat, and loads of melted butter on the mushrooms.


  2. The truth of it is that healthy cooking techniques need to satisfy just THREE basic and simple conditions the food you eat should not have surplus amount of fat and sodium i.e. should not be full of calories, it should retain the nutrients i.e. it shouldn\’t be empty calories and above all, it should taste good.
    Top Post, Awesome to find another person into their food


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