Let them eat (wedding) cake…

As many of you already know, Monsieur and I are tying the knot this year, so much of our spare time is spent doing things that we don’t know too much about – organising printing, discussing seasonality of flowers, and deciding how we want our wedding cake to be decorated.

Such tasks require research for novices like us, so I’m spending a lot of time on Google. This is where I’ve found some truly astounding examples of wedding cakes, and in the interest of having a giggle together, I thought I’d post some of them here.

First up is the girl who wanted her cake to look like her. From the looks of things, she got what she wanted, although I hope she had either (a) a lot of guests or (b) an industrial size freezer, because there are a lot of tiers in that there skirt.

Then there’s the cake that looks like a home ec project by a group of 12 year olds. Either that or the cake maker fell off the wagon, or perhaps the cake itself fell off the wagon… Whatever it was, it looks like a cake on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

I was then astounded to find the perfect wedding cake for the obsessive deer hunter:

Biting into rounds of brown, leaf-covered logs, even if it’s all just painted icing, is not my idea of tastebud tittillation, but Bambi and Husband look happy enough as the cake toppers.

If you think the deer hunter cake is different, sit down now. Believe it or not, this deer thing on wedding cakes has quite a following, as proven by this rather special example:

I just hope that the shoe in the foreground doesn’t form part of the bridalwear. Can you imagine?

Then there’s this elaborate number, replete with toy guests, fake poinsettias and doves which are bigger than the average male figurine on the cake. I only wish I could spot the happy couple, but all the detailing makes them difficult to pick out.

The Chinese would say that this cake does not augur well for future happiness.

But this cake topper should bode better for marital relations:

although I’m not sure what our families would say if Monsieur and I had one of these at our wedding. Even so, it makes me giggle and I confess I’m tempted to order one, just for fun.  

The couple who ordered the next cake must really love to party hardy. Let’s just pray they didn’t drink so many bubbles that they passed out before it was time to cut into this one.

I hope that the bride and groom responsible for this charming example met on the set of Stargate, otherwise I’d be seriously concerned for their mental wellbeing. Please don’t tell me that they wooed on the sofa whilst watching this Sci-Fi rhubarb. That would be too sad, although not quite as sad as immortalising the show via your wedding cake.

Lots of couples seem to incorporate their interests into their wedding cake designs. These two must like flying with their dog… At least, I hope they like flying with their dog, otherwise it would be too random to fathom.

Then there’s the James Bond theme for wedding cakes. Apparently, it’s quite popular, although I pity the poor little couple on top of this cake who are under threat of fire from the baddies with bazookas and barettas stuck onto the base tier. Wouldn’t it be a hoot if you had one of these cakes with a remote-controlled helicopter on top, so you could fly it around the room whilst the cake is being cut? It would certainly be one way to wake up your guests during their post-prandial doze.

Here is the perfect cake for the wedding where the bride’s dress is wider than she is tall and all the bridesmaids wear apricot. Somehow, it reminds me of a grandmother’s dressing table more than a cake…

or perhaps a bad birthday card with flowery poetry inside. If you do like this option, you can even pop pieces for absent friends into these charming gift bags:

For the true gourmet there are savoury wedding cake options which can either stand alone or complement the sugary version. You can order the cheese wedding cake, which has ever decreasing rounds of cheese instead of tiers of cake, or consider the smoked fish roulade cake or perhaps, for the carnivores out there, you could go for the burger-lover’s cake:

So, what do you think? Out of all of the above, which one is your favourite cake? Have you encountered cakes like these at weddings or other special events that you’ve attended? Do tell, because over here I’m still in slight shock that people can be that crazy and or that creative. I’ve also developed a new-found sympathy for wedding cake makers.

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  1. Tammy says:

    Those are some very unique cakes!
    Your whole wedding definitely should reflect who you and Monsieur are and that will take some planning.
    My husband’s mother made our wedding cake. It was a simple 4 tier cake with red roses added. My wedding invitations were simple as well with no designs and a Roman font. I guess I was/am a simple person.


    1. epicurienne says:

      Tammy, that sounds lovely. The sister of one of my closest friends is making the cake for us. I’m thrilled about that because it makes it so much more personal. We, too, are of simple tastes. There’ll be no life-size bride cake for us! Besides, less is more, right?


  2. w1kkp says:

    The party hardy cake gets my vote. Perhaps they passed out before they tied the knot. The thought of procreation with any of these cake “designers” is sorta frightening. And, I’m with you…sympathy for the bakers of these cakes….”Oh! Not another crazed deer hunter!” Who orders brown icing? I mean, really.


    1. epicurienne says:

      Pat – I hadn’t thought of that! Maybe the nuptials are a blur and a black out for that particular couple… But like you it’s the brown icing that really freaks me out. Chocolate brown makes sense. Mud brown, leaf brown, and just plain brown – most unappetising.
      Wedding Romantic – thanks for visiting Epicurienne! I was astonished to find such a thing as a cheeseburger cake but the couple look so happy with it that it obviously worked for them!
      Nicolai – I think Tyler Durden would make a new cake with his own head on top and enjoy eating the eyeballs.
      Dils – hey stranger! How’s it going over there? Thanks for that link – hysterical. Especially where you see one of the cakes decorated with flowers and the blogger says “stick a twig in it and charge $200!” It certainly looked as if the maker had done just that. Sorry to hear about your wedding cake’s accident. But these things happen I guess. The first thing Monsieur and I did before planning anything was to take out insurance and from the stories I’ve heard, it’s vital!


  3. That cheeseburger cake is great!


  4. Nicolaï says:

    Dig the sex cake. I wonder which one Tyler Durden would eat?


  5. dils says:

    The James Bond cake is hilarious. I love it.

    Oh…. the wedding cake is the one that I least think about when I was doing my wedding preparations

    And of course during my wedding, my top tier cake toppled off and fell flat on the ground. My advice is, make sure your ‘column’ can withstand a strong gust of wind if you are putting your cake outdoor. Heh.

    Oh and you can look at one of my fav site for idea of beautiful cake or just for laugh: http://cakewrecks.blogspot.com/search/label/Wedding%20Cakes


  6. planetross says:

    I’m with w1kkp on the “party hardy” cake.


  7. Razzbuffnik says:

    I know you’ve put a lot of these shots in for fun but I’d like to offer some un-asked for advice.

    Keep your choice simple and make sure it’s cake that tastes nice.

    So many people (like the some of the above) go for the style over sustance thing.

    To me one of the worst cakes is the traditional wedding cake made out of some dry nasty dark fruit cake and vile commercial marzipan. Yuk!

    Remember, the less you spend on the wedding the more you can spend on your honeymoon!


    1. epicurienne says:

      Razz, frettle not my Australian petal! Less is more is my motto. There will be no aquarium-containing-cakes at our wedding, nor life sized marzipan hibiscus flowers, tempting though they are… (not). Funnily enough, we’re definitely steering clear of the fruity number because it’s heavy, old-fashioned and only my father really likes it. But my, I never knew there were so many sites about cake disasters! They’re hysterical.


  8. cakes says:

    Hi, you have interesting post! I will bookmark you! and comeback to read it again.Thank you for your sharing.And this is wedding cakes web. It is all about wedding cakes


    1. epicurienne says:

      Thank you for your comment, cakesite. In researching wedding cakes I honestly could not believe the variety of bad taste cakes out there. There are some really unusual people in this world!


  9. andrew lamanna says:

    how much would it cost to make a wedding cake like the one with the two deer and the leaves? and do you have that cake topper


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