Another meme – Seven Things…


My Blog Friend, Bunk Strutts of Tacky Raccoons fame, has tagged me in another meme. It’s seven things you never knew about the tagged person, and then I have to tag six more poor, unsuspecting fools to continue the Seven tradition. (Sounds like a severed head, Brad Pitt and some deadly sins should be involved, no? At the very least, I expect someone, somewhere is going to poke pins into an Epicurienne voodoo doll when they get this meme)

Here are seven things you never knew about Epicurienne:

1. My accent is so screwed up from living in New Zealand, Australia, Italy and England (with French Monsieur at home) that I have been asked at different times if I come from Canada, South Africa, Ireland, Sweden or Tasmania. It’s the Tasmanian guess that got me. Now Monsieur is getting good at mimicking my accent, which keeps me awake at night; he does my accent with an accent.

2. I make a fantastic seafood lasagne. It’s my culinary pride and joy.

3. I love bandes dessinées (graphic novels), including everything from Tintin to Persepolis.

4. I have a lot of time for Buddhism. It makes sense, hurts no one and shows kindness towards all living things.

5. I dream in technicolour every night. Some nights my dreams are so intense that I wake up completely exhausted.

6. My favourite landmark in the whole, wide world is the Eiffel Tower.

7. I speak English (mother tongue), French (with lots of mistakes), German (enough to discuss Kafka and the environment, preferably not at the same time), Italian (so that when Monsieur’s luggage went missing en route to Naples, I knew the words for contact lenses and shaving foam when we went shopping) and just enough Spanish to find me the nearest Tapas Bar. I can also say various random things in Japanese (including the numbers 1 to 99 but 100 escapes me) and Maori (welcome, white pig, and many different words beginning with WH- which you pronounce F-). Go figure.

That’s the end of my meme.

I tag the following six:

Okay, kids. Put those Voodoo Stress dolls of Epicurienne to one side and get to work. Don’t forget to link back to me when you’re done, so I can learn about your own special quirks.

11 Comments Add yours

  1. jimsmuse says:

    LOL — I just did a contest involving facts about me, and then got a similar meme from another blogger. Never fear, though, epicurienne: I still have enough facts left that I’m flattered to be asked! 🙂 (I just hope we all behaved better than the folks I tagged…)


  2. Rax says:


    Watch this space….


  3. epicurienne says:

    Jimsmuse and Rax: thanks for taking this so well. I’m just waiting for the first “thanks but no thanks – go meme yourself” response. I’m sure it’s coming…


  4. Go meme yourself and blame it on jimsmuse.

    I have no facts left. My life is an open book.



  5. epicurienne says:

    Okay Nat. I was waiting for that. You are excused from this exercise. Another year of therapy should cure me of the ill-effects of your act of rejection. (cue uncontrollable sobbing)


  6. jimsmuse, go meme yourself too! Calling me a misbehaving folk when I sweat blood, bullet and another stuff too just to abide! The dudette abides.


  7. Thanks epic. In general, I can’t really do stuff like that on my blog since my professional website is linked to it. Clients would wonder. I’m sure they already do!


  8. epicurienne says:

    Fair enough. I get it. I may just have to make one up for you! (cue uncontrollable evil cackling laughter)


  9. w1kkp says:

    Yes, it would certainly be a lovely thing to do for you Epic, but I’ve been called to consult with our new President-Elect regarding seven ideas I have for fixing the financial world crisis. Priorities must prevail over memes.


  10. epicurienne says:

    Fine, Pat – I re-meme you to share those seven ideas with us as soon as your work with Mr President-elect is complete.


  11. w1kkp says:

    Sec of Treasury Paulson changed the whole bailout around today and the stock market went to crap. So much for idea #1.


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