Fun for foodies

Last night, I was surfing the WordPress foodie blogs when I found Evolution of a Foodie. This San Francisco-based food-lover with a paralegal day job features all sorts of weird and wonderful gadgets on her site, including the Ex knife block, the voodoo toothpick holder, and my favourite (so far, anyway) the Hillary Clinton nutcracker. There are also useful kitchen tips that you probably won’t find easily elsewhere, such as how to poach salmon in a dishwasher, and no, I’m not on happy pills.

Whether or not you love food as much as I do, this is a fun blog to keep an eye on. This is a foodie with a serious sense of humour!

If you know someone called Bill who needs his nuts cracking, check out this link.

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  1. razzbuffnik says:

    Poor old Hillary.

    Years down the track some kid is going to pull a battered Hillary nutcracker out of a kitchen drawer and ask their mum, “who’s this woman dressed up like a man and why does she have teeth on her legs?”


  2. Wise Woman of Wandsworth says:

    Poaching Salmon in a dishwasher – a ‘cooking’ process often adopted by my sister, a trained chef, when running short of space in/on the oven when preparing food for clients. Fact!


  3. epicurienne says:

    Gosh WWW, I didn’t realise it was such an established cooking method. Have you eaten dishwasher poached salmon yourself?


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