World Taximeter


I just found a really interesting site on the internet: World Taximeter! Choose your city and enter your point of departure and destination and the site will calculate how much it will cost. At a click, you can also convert the currency between pounds sterling, US dollars and the Euro. The list of cities isn’t exhaustive, but if places like London, Paris and Toronto are on your travel list, this could be quite the cool new travel tool. Check this out: if you’re going from Pacific Heights to Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, this is what you can expect to pay along with distance and length of journey (see below). A map will show you the route and there are local taxi tips for each city on the list, for instance, how to identify a genuine city cab and who’s expected to pay tolls. I love it!

Estimated Fare using meter at 14:41

Distance: 6.89 km. | Duration: 19 min.

jump in the taxi $3.10
6.89 km. x $1.40 per km $9.64
waiting in traffic (~5 min.) $2.45
Gratuity $2.28
Total $17.47

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  1. Gerardo says:

    I’m glad that you love it, thanks for the thumbs up! 🙂

    About the exhaustiveness of the city coverage … we know, but we are working our best. We are trying to add a new city every couple of days.

    Ideas about new cities to be covered are always welcome.


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