Epicurienne – who is she?

Epicurienne, travel lover and amateur foodie, was born in New Zealand, where the green-lipped mussels and Tip Top ice cream spoiled her tastes forever. At university she studied European languages before crossing the Tasman to become a Sydney-sider for a while.

After a year in Oz, replete with bush fires and dramatic sunsets, hotel shift work and the delight of meeting Kenny Everett and Cleo Laine during Mardi Gras, Epicurienne set off for the UK to study the fine and decorative arts (ie old paintings and breakables) but not before returning to New Zealand for a few weeks to fatten up on dairy products.

Following a stint at an auction house school and a spell in Venice which bewitched her forever, Epicurienne settled in London to undertake Real Work whilst harbouring a desire to one day write about her love of travel, different cultures and food, glorious food.

Epicurienne lives in London with Monsieur, her resident Frenchman. They are currently endeavouring to lose the weight gained through her more successful kitchen experimentation, and planning their next travel fix.

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