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The Crevette’s First Christmas

Christmas 2013 will be rather special in the Epic household for it will be our first with a baby: the Crevette. It may seem early to be gearing up for this but I find that with a very small, dependent person around, everything takes a lot longer than usual. (It just took over half an hour to type out the above two lines because of a loose bottle cap that spilled formula all over the baby, requiring a change of clothes for a wriggly child more intent on her next mouthful than being dry. Sound like anyone you know?) So, to avoid being a terrible Mrs Santa I’m starting my silly season to-do list NOW, just as the first Christmas cards are hitting the shops.

Everyone says that wrapping paper is more interesting to most babies than the presents themselves; I’m sure The Crevette will find the same. And I’m not a huge one for over-emphasising all things material at a time which really should be remembered for spiritual reasons. That said, I would still like to give the little shrimp something memorable – and durable -to mark her first Christmas with us. So, as she will be embarking on solids (way heeeey!) by then, this is what Mrs Claus will be leaving under the tree:


It’s a lovely set for kids from three years on, so I’m a bit ahead of the game here. I figure we can put it away until such time as the Crevette can be trusted with her own mug and is hopefully past the throwing-food-and-eating-accessories-at-Mummy phase.

Then, when it’s time for The Crevette to start a little business supplying the neighbours with baked goods, or to start training for the Junior British Bake Off (no pressure, ma puce!), Le Creuset have the perfect set to start her off:


Or if quiche and clafoutis are more her thing, we could always invest in the pie baking set:


So that should take care of the next three Christmases for the Crevette. Given her already evident fascination with food and mastication I’d be most surprised if these gifts don’t prove to be a hit.

Fun for foodies

Last night, I was surfing the WordPress foodie blogs when I found Evolution of a Foodie. This San Francisco-based food-lover with a paralegal day job features all sorts of weird and wonderful gadgets on her site, including the Ex knife block, the voodoo toothpick holder, and my favourite (so far, anyway) the Hillary Clinton nutcracker. There are also useful kitchen tips that you probably won’t find easily elsewhere, such as how to poach salmon in a dishwasher, and no, I’m not on happy pills.

Whether or not you love food as much as I do, this is a fun blog to keep an eye on. This is a foodie with a serious sense of humour!

If you know someone called Bill who needs his nuts cracking, check out this link.


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