The Return of Frenchified

For a while now, Frenchified has been Stultified, i.e. on the back burner whilst I’ve been struggling with unprecedented workload and exhaustion. No longer. I miss writing about France, so I’m dusting off the blog and preparing to give it some renewed OOMPH. Thank you for being patient with my recent lack of posts.

Here’s a photo of the menu from the restaurant at the top of the Centre Pompidou. It has dazzling views over Paris and features as a location in various films, like le Divorce, starring Kate Hudson. I love that film. Every time I think of it I see images of red Hermes handbags…


About epicurienne

A complete gastro-geek with a genetic predisposition to wanderlust. Obsessed with food and exploring the world at large. New Zealander by birth, Londoner by residence, a little bit French by marriage - the world's my LOBSTER!

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