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Vietnam – if you can catch it, you can eat it – More Bizarre Foods

Here’s part two of Andrew Zimmern’s jaunt through Vietnam, sampling some of the more palatable options of Vietnamese cuisine (beef salad, Pho, civet coffee).

Part three involves grilled fish (come on! how tame can you get?), sparrows and scorpions, and ‘tender’ bull’s penis:

Part four sees Andrew Zimmern tucking into silk worms and snails at a Hanoi local’s home:

This is what I call eating vicariously!

Ana Mandara Resort, Nha Trang, Vietnam

Monsieur and I have been enjoying some chill-out quality time in Nha Trang, Vietnam. Here’s a You Tube clip showing where we’re staying:

The clip is certainly inviting and we have certainly been enjoying ourselves, but the resort definitely has a local flavour. For a start, when we went swimming the other day we noticed a strange smell. It came from the traffic racing and beeping its way along the main thoroughfare hidden behind a crafty wall. Trust me – it’s full on rush hour on this road day and night, which suddenly made sense of the offer of earplugs-on-demand on the amenities request list. The other odd thing is that in spite of wearing 50% Deet and replenishing it at toxifyingly regular intervals, the mosquitoes here are immune with a very big I. My left leg is now pleasantly covered in 16 bites, 4 up from yesterday (I won’t bore you with the limb-by-limb stats here). We even have a mozzie net! Meanwhile, Monsieur doesn’t Deet himself and has no bites. Not a single one. Go figure. These Nha Trang mozzies are a complete mystery. Hopefully there won’t be any in HCMC – we’re off to the Big Smoke tomorrow!


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